I am 28 years old, I can not afford to go to classes so my only option at this point is the internet and books as far as learning goes. With that said, here is some background:

In 7th grade I made friends (finally) with people who loved and accepted me, they also happened to be christian. So I began attending church almost 5 days a week. This was at great cost to my education. I refused to attend science classes because they went against everything I believed in. So, embarassingly, I don't know a lot of fundamental scientific theory. I am currently reading The God Delusion. Before this I read "A brief history of time" by Stephen Hawking. Equally as embarassing (and altogether enlightening) I have to stop mulitple times to google the meaning of something.

So, how do I pick up where I left off? Are there websites for children aged 12 and up I can go to to learn these things? Ive considered purchasing tutoring books for jr. high children. I live in an are where this is only one book store which is very expensive, and a few used book stores, so the internet is my friend!

Thank you for any response!