I don’t understand the notion that for one to be an atheist they must be associated with a certain political group, namely liberals or what some call the left. It is about as idiotic as the notion that for one to be pro-life one must be a Baptist conservative living in the southeastern United States. I think that what is important about atheism, thought and reason is the ability, foremost, to even begin thinking reasonably about anything. A pro-life stance, which is often wrongly thrown into a politically conservative pot, can be reasonably argued based on the merits of fetal pain research. Of course, this has, or should have if argued, have nothing to do with politics but a person’s concern that a living being may suffer pain after 20 weeks gestation.

          Again, that atheists are liberals or democratic-socialists and religious Americans are conservative-republicans, is a gross misunderstanding of what comprises the American nation. Yet I’ve seen this kind of simplification, a poor stereotype of course, shared from both the religious and non-religious. That you could be for free market capitalism and yet call yourself a free-thinker brings, in some circles, as much ridicule and disdain as calling oneself a religious democratic-socialist at a church in southern Georgia.

          I think that such ridicule has no merit and that the people that lambast one’s political beliefs without an ear to listen, especially those that think they are a part of some political collective of which they have joined for the sake of being in a collective, have by default rejected free thinking.

          What are you thoughts? Perhaps I’m being too harsh?