We had a spirited discussion here at RDFRS recently regarding Jesus on another post.  The post was about a young girl in Texas and her opinions on a part of Jesus (via quip board) and his connection to her plight in a present day matter.  I found myself involved (more than usual) on the religious implications and the relevance of Jesus in general.  What did come out of it though was my wondering about the scope and width (percentages) of atheist tolerance to religion and the associated figures.  For me personally, I often find that I can be quite brash and negative because I came to my liberation from religion the hard way by having suffered under the boot of religion and eventually finding relief, but maybe for others who would call themselves atheist or non-believers, the consideration of religion might be rather benign and non-offensive.  I thought it would be intesting to see what others have to say on the subject and also give us a chance to discuss it without overly affecting another post.