I have received some good advice from here before.  now I would appreciate it if anyone can help me annswer this message I received.  Obviously the time span required is greater than a human life time but 4000 odd years is not enough for evolution (by their time line).  How can I get my message across to this person that evolution is real and the earth is ~4.5 billion years old.  Thanks for any ideas. 

Sorry but I don't share your same belief as you well know. Give me ONE example that anyone has ever observed anything evolve into a totally new species.A Scientific method is based on the collection of data through Observation & experimentation. I know of not one person who can give me observable evidence that Evolution is true- (something I don't have to receive by Faith) Even to believe as Darwin did takes Faith...Darwin said there would be change of KIND over many years but I fail to see even one case. I'm not talking about a slight change in time e.g. Darwin spoke of a kind changing into another kind but A stickleback fish was an adaptation into a different species of stickleback but none the less it still remained a fish. It didn't become a change of kind. Same as Darwin's Finches-they might have become new in difference but they are still birds.
No-one can prove that the earth has been around for millions & millions of years, that would take faith to believe the science teachers. through just fossil data alone as that doesn't prove the evidences through observing in experimentation Everything was created to generate from its own seed. Each after it's own kind. No-One has ever observed that anything can evolve into a total 'different species' ever."