Hi, I have a question that I would love to hear some comments on. In the british tv documentary, Secrets of the superbrands 1, a brain scientist suggests that: “the technology megabrands have harnessed a way to impact people’s lives and exploit the areas of the brain that have evolved to process religion”

Link: http://www.psfk.com/2011/05/secrets-of-the-superbrands-how-apple-products-affect-your-brain.html


When I heard that statement I started to speculate about whether this is indeed the case. My question is: do you think there is evidence to suggest that there some time in history has been a selection pressure for people to become more religious and that there are places in the brain that have evolved for the sole use of processing religion? If so it implies that religion has had a selective advantage in prehistoric time? I wonder whether that is the case?

Or would it make more sense to suggest that region and superbrands are both exploiting the brain but in that case I am not really sure what kind of functions these areas originally were evolved to process.

I am looking forward to hear your comments. Thanks