If we define atheism as a non-belief or refusal to believe in a god/God then I am certainly an atheist. Dawkins and Hitchens are my bedside reads and like most of you I'm frustrated by people's gullibility. However (and this is the tricky/potentially embarrassing part) I am open to the existence of what are loosely called 'ghosts', for several reasons.

Firstly, I have read several books about ghosts and 'earthbound spirits' written by mediums and paranormal experts, and I have to say that there is an ENORMOUS amount of anecdotal evidence of ghost activity. Secondly, I have myself experienced what is known as Poltergeist activity (in my father's house many years ago when I stayed there to prove to my terrified dad that he was only imagining it !! He wasn't...) And thirdly, having read 'The God Delusion' and 'god is not Great' I do not really see the connection between deities (daft ideas) and 'ghosts' etc, which like us DO NOT depend on the existence of a god for their own existence. Surely there could be a scientific explanation for ghosts that we just haven't found yet.

I've noticed that suggestions of 'paranormal' things get foghorns of derision on this site, but please do not just laugh or dismiss me as gullible (which is tempting I suppose in the light of the second line). Of course there are frauds and nobody has won the Randi prize, but I suggest ghosts can exist even though God does not. What do you think?