Science, the study of the physical and natural world will one day in the future help mankind know down to the smallest particle, everything in our vast universe. We will be able to create, destroy, manipulate and control time/space, matter and energy in ways that even the most forward thinking men and women of today would be bewildered by. I believe it is our future to become fully aware of our world, universe and our reality.  In doing so we will be creating a new reality for ourselves as each generation in the past has and as long as there are possibilities there will be progress and new discovery. Considering that the universe and life itself is in a constant state of evolving new possibilities are forever being born.

So what if through science and technology, everything that exists in the universe becomes known to us and in a sense we become masters of our universe able to do and achieve what would seem like magical miraculous events. Would we know all there is to know about our world? Would we know everything there is to know about ourselves?? Whether we like it or not - not a single person who has lived, is living or shall ever live will know the answer to what happens to us when we die. No scientist. No religion.

Science can look at what happens to our physical remains and talk about the various stages of death and decay through differing conditions. Religion it seems can make up whatever suits them or makes sense for the period of time that the religion exists in and in my opinion has an agenda for power – at least science is based on fact but I’m sure there are still many hidden agendas in various scientific studies especially medicine…

Science and religion brings us no closer to knowing if there is a form of existence outside our physical universe bound world. Religions are not revealing the truth about god/gods and the afterlife and science is not revealing the truth that there is no god/gods and the absence of an afterlife. So why is it that throughout evolution there has been the idea that there is more to us than this one solitary life? Extreme atheism is not very different from many of the religions that it objects to in the sense that it makes assumptions based on belief rather than logic and fact. To say with certainty that there is no other form of life after death seems to me to be the same sort of crazy thinking that there is a god in the clouds waiting to judge us or reward us for our faith. Religious belief does exists, it is fact, perhaps it its purely a man made invention to explain the unknown, control the masses and make vast fortunes for the people who dictate these beliefs. Maybe there is more to it, many people are now experiencing the freedom to believe in their own form of self-religion, I would put myself and atheism into this category. It is based on what they feel is right for them because it comes from inside them and not an outside source or organized religious environment.

I believe that as human beings bound to a physical realm we will never know what, if anything, exists after death, science will teach us everything there is to know about the physical world given the time and opportunity to explore it but it will never take us beyond that. Organized religion is repugnant; ideally I would rather see the world embrace freethinking and religious belief should be as diverse as the number of people who are on the planet. I cant help but truly feel that the fact that I have a deep sense, and have since I was a small child, that there is more to me than my physical and mental condition. That there is a timeless, formless, limitless part of me that has always existed and always shall exists.

Living in a world that denies the possibility of an afterlife is just as ignorant as living in a world that presents the afterlife as fact.