There is only one set of morals that all humans should live by, and that set of morals can be decided upon by humans.  If that statement made you pause or cringe, it is because of bad philosophy. Perhaps your mind is already filled with counter arguments like, "Who are you to say that you know how everyone should live?" or "There are many different cultures and we should respect their morals as unique to their culture.  In the end it's subjective" or even "Morals have no meaning if it is man made. It has to exist outside of man, created by god, for it to be objective and true" If you have these objections or some form of them, then once again, I blame bad philosophy.  While early bad philosophy can be attributed to the unchallenged widespread belief in the supernatural and the general lack of knowledge in all aspects of reality from the natural world to human experience, philosophy today has no excuse for not clearing up the intellectual confusion left behind by ancient philosophy. (And really, this is the last frontier for philosophy)  The trepidation and fear that bad philosophy has instilled in modern educated people when asked to define what is good and what is evil, is keeping us from creating a better society, and that is why it is important to have a rational discussion on morals and not surrender it to the assumptions of bad philosophy.