Can’t get a sensible answer from any theist or religious group to this simple logical dilemma. All I get is obvious ignorance of logical syllogisms, or a three page theological discussion, every fourth word or so of which I have to look up. Thought I’d try here.

Does anyone know who first thought up that big list of all the many attributes God is supposed to have? In addition to the more commonly known three,

Immutability – means God cannot change
Omnipotence – refers to Him being "all powerful"
Omniscience - refers to Him being "all knowing".

there are about a dozen more that I was not even aware existed. (Google “God’s attributes” and you will see what I mean) I would guess they were first listed by some well meaning theologians in the early days of the Church when people in general were very ignorant. And is it time to revise the list now that we can look at God more logically?

For instance Omniscience refers to him being all knowing of things past, present, and future. Yet this seems to be a false attribute as demonstrated by simple logic. God knows what I will order at the restaurant tonight, beef, or chicken. They agree. Now could He write the answer down? I’m told He assuredly could do this as for Moses with the Ten Commandments. If written down He could seal it in an envelope and give it to me. I could read it at the restaurant, and then if He wrote chicken I could order beef, or if he said beef I could order chicken. Remember I have free will. This logic seems to say that either God does not have Omniscience or I do not have free will, I have free will, I use it every day. So that only leaves one other possibility, that He can not see the future as we have assumed. Of course the simple answer is He does not exist. I’m mainly concerned with my logic.

Any ideas here? Thanks.