Live on Q&A, the ABC TV political and social forum tonight, Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd appeared to face Tony Jones and the live audience as well as viewer 'Tweets'. He did so alone, as the opposition leader Tony Abbott declined the invitation. The two men are campaining for the federal election to be held this Saturday.

During the show (55:23) a Pastor at a local church and Radio DJ was given the microphone, when he made remarks that his callers were not voting for Kevin Rudd, P.M. Due largeley to his stance for marriage equality.

The questioner went on to say "Every Pastor, we do marriages between husbands and wives. And, you know, Jesus said a man shall leave his father and mother (groans now audible from crowd) and be married, and that's the biblical definition. I just believe in what the bible says and I'm just curious; for you Kevin, if you call yourself a Christian, why don't you believe the words of Jesus, in the bible?"

The Prime Minister responded: "Well mate, if I was gonna have that view, the bible also says that slavery is a natural condition. (resounding applause) Because St. Paul said in the New Testament: Slaves, be obiedient to your masters. And therefore we should've all fought for the confederacy in the U.S. civil war. I mean for goodness sake, the human condition and social conditions change... "

"....If you think homosexuality is an unnatural condition, then frankly I cannot agree with you based on any element of the science. And therefore if a person's sexuality is as they are made, then you've got to ask the second question; should therefore their loving relationships be legally recognised? and the conclusion I've reached is that they should."

The program is viewable on 'abc iview', albeit mostly relevent to the Australian audience which goes to the polls this Saturday. I would note that the Prime Minister is predicted to lose the election to the liberal (tory/republican) opponent Tony Abbott. A devout Catholic and Climate change skeptic. In my view the opposition has said nothing of value during the campaign but to play on general disillusionment amongst voters. A negative campaign against the government from our 70 PERCENT Murdoch-owned print media has greased the path to our county dismissing a highly intelligent leader. We will dismiss a leader fluent in Chinese, highly experienced in foreign affairs and one whos policies reach out decades, not months. His replacement will see us aquire a leader set to join Vladmir Putin as a global laughing stock , a "strong man poser" (Abbot is frequently in the press doing sports, even in 'speedos' at the beach, or doing military obstacle courses).


TJ McNamara