I can llive without god. I can live without prophets. I can live without religion.but there is one thing I can not live without it and that is belief in just world. There are many peoples around the world who have miserable life: Disabled people, homeless people, sick people, and etc. In my mind there must be a justice system rulling through the world in which all of the differences we have in this life would be evaluated and answered.

Also there are so many people who do horrible things like murdering, raping, stealing and there are many people who are kind, help each other, work hard and etc. We all want our well behavings be rewarded and there must be a day where people who have control in their lives recieve their gifts. . 

I want to know your opinion about this justice. If you believe there is no justice system, why? and if you you believe there is a justice system, based on what elements in our life it would be done and how?