I posted the question below on Facebook - on the Out Campaign page - as the 15 comebacks post made me think - we need something more geared to our children.  Something non confrontational but good points to be made and understood on a elementary and fundamental level.  Something that may make religious children question their beliefs or what they are being forced to believe.  Or at the very least think before speaking and prostelitizing.   I'm an adult and can hold my own - but we live in a part of the country that will continue to be difficult for young children (elementary/middle school) who are being raised without religion.   One of your staff members suggested I send my post to your discussion page.   Below is my post from yesterday.  Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.  Not only with literature for children - but also any key phrases or points that we may find helpful when dealing with a public school that is not separating church and state.  

Post from FB:  We - or perhaps only I - need comebacks for our children ages (almost) 8 and (almost) 10.  They are being "clerically bullied" in elementary school. We live in Texas - need I say more? (we had to move here 2.5 years ago). Their peers at school as well as almost all the teachers and principal are all religious.   Do you have any printed material and language for children? We tell them not to engage in the conversations or reply when asked - "it's not something I want to discuss" but that seems to bring more bullying. One little "charming" girl told our son in kinder "2 years ago "you're going to burn in hell for not believing in god". I wrote a note. The teacher reminded the class to leave their belief system at home - but now 2 years later in 4th grade for our daughter - the children are brutal.  I want them to have comebacks that make the other children think "hey - maybe my parents are wrong".  We are meeting with the principal this week - and it should be interesting - as speaking with anyone who is already brainwashed might be.  How timely this post is. Hope you can help.