One of the more fascinating arguments that I encounter when explaining why I believe there is no god is one that requires a bit of wonder about the reasoning of people who believe in this. If I mistakenly leave too much room for ambiguity, I do ask for pardon as this is the first time I have attempted to write it down.

On to the question: if there is no god, how could this event have happened on such a meaningful date or at a time, and for what, I was praying? I have noticed that humankind places a lot of weight on coincidences, especially coincidences that happen to someone of a religious background or nature.

For example, "I had been going through such a tough time in my life, and I had been praying and praying for a light, for a sign, or for comfort. I met this person at a bookstore, browsing through self-help books, and we instantly connected. My god has heard my prayers, and I have never been as happy as I am now."

Coincidences seem to hold such weight with some people: parents dying at the same time, an earthquake happening around the same time that some religious violence erupts, the number "666" showing up in random places, the face of evil in the clouds, an airline passenger praying for a safe landing during a violent crosswind at an airport, etc.

I am less confronted with this argument than I am with the irreducible complexity argument, and I wanted to see how many others are presented with this from time to time, and if you are, how do you normally approach your responses? Alternatively, how would you approach your response, considering you have never been confronted?