I've been a buddhist for 12 years ( sgi-uk  Buddhist) and though not an intellectual at all, I've started to think that like other form of religions the chanting ( we chant nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo)  which makes me feel better and has drastically improved my life for the past 12 years could be the dreaded "placebo" effect. I have given myself 1 year to find out.

As a buddhist i don't believe in GOD but Buddhists believe that we all have have Buddhahood ei. potential for enlightenment to the sanctity of life.

My questions are: 1) Do we need a religion ( the right one) to be happy? Poeple of science and intellectuals seem to prefer a non religion approach to life but the "common" person like me might need some comfort which science alone cannot provide.

Question 2) Could something like Buddhahood be an evolution of our brain? 

Question 3) can Buddhism and Science  work together? One for the well being of society and the other for the search of the truth?

any feedback is welcome, i'm open to anything useful to my search for the truth.