Corporations in the United States have achieved a very interesting feat, they are infact, legally persons. And now a more interesting development has started happening, they are fighting for religious rights. I think that this is more problematic than people may be considering. 

I think that corporations if allowed religious rights will use their religions to exempt themselves from many worker safety laws and perhaps even environmental regulation. It is my concern that a company could claim to be a christian "scientist" and say that because they only believe in faith healing they no longer need to provide health care to their employees. Another possibility is that they sidestep possible environmental policy by using the claim that their religion does not allow them to believe in global warming so they might attempt to be exempt from environmental protection laws. 

Even more potentially damaging is the notion the pharmocutical companies and insurance companies might take on a catholic faith and excuse themselves from providing coverage for things like abortion and contraception, this is equally possible for a hopital, to exempt themselves from their job by taking on a religion. 

Giving the religious right to companies, in my opinion, could be potentially the greatest harm on the western world ever since the anti vacination campaigns started. I think atheists and Secularists should be more concerned about this.