• Teaching Children to Be Atheists or Critical Thinkers?

    by godzillatemple posted: 18 Nov 2013 Category: Atheism 119

    I recently started reading "Parenting Beyond Belief" (edited by Dale McGowan, but containing numerous essays from a wide variety of people, including Richard Dawkins).  The general consensus seems to be that parents should not actually...

  • Young Atheists

    by GeorgeSmith posted: 14 Nov 2013 Category: Atheism 34

    How might one retort to criticisms of atheism due to age? For example many of my family members put my atheism down to rebellion rather than reason and independent research. However I cannot speed up...

  • Acceptance and other questions

    by Spektor-vox posted: 05 Nov 2013 Category: Atheism 32

    i am a person who has recently come out as atheist to my religious family, when i say religious i mean that they follow christianity and/or mormanism (i never truely understood which one it was)...

  • Response to argument that God defies logic

    by ageoflife posted: 01 Nov 2013 Category: Atheism 249

    In the discussion of  the existence of God, it is easy to disprove God using logical arguments such as "Can God make a rock so large that he himself cannot lift it?" However, the debate...

  • 6 Year Old Came Home With Ray Comfort Leaflet

    by Adam Miller posted: 30 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 22

    My 6 year old brother just returned from a local community centre baking and crafts session with a "story" for me to read.  It is a word for word cartoon version of Ray Comforts spiel...

  • Help With Being More Outward Towards Atheism

    by yoyoguy4 posted: 21 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 33

    I just recently found this site as I've been reading more on Dawkins and I thought this would be a nice place to start becoming more involved with the community. But I still have one...

  • Common sense

    by PaulDC posted: 15 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 44

    I'm 54 years ancient now and my children seem amazed that am still able to walk unaided, but I still have vague and hazy memories of my schooling, all those years ago when God was...

  • Unconsciousness

    by jsnmf posted: 11 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 46

    Recently I underwent surgery and was deeply sedated for more than an hour. Before going under, I resolved to try to experience the black void that the superstitious are always worrying about in the afterlife...

  • Who Was Your First Ancestor to Have an "Afterlife"?

    by Quine posted: 04 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 79

    Lately, I have taken to asking my religious friends and family this question: "Who was your first ancestor to have some kind of supernatural life after death (often received as asking about Heaven and Hell)?"...

  • Learned helplessness

    by oleg.gayevsky posted: 01 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 47

    Hello from Ukraine!=) Sorry for my English, google translate is to blame for 80% of my mistakes in the sentences =DDD Sorry if someone has already discussed this, but still. Perhaps someone thinks...

  • Existence confounds me

    by RobertDeanIII posted: 27 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 77

    In the God Delusion RD briefly brings up the idea of multiverse or oscillating universe while spending more time explaining away the idea of a first mover with improbability. You may recall: life is improbable but god then would be...

  • Atheism and afterlife

    by mamad89 posted: 24 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 80

    I can llive without god. I can live without prophets. I can live without religion.but there is one thing I can not live without it and that is belief in just world. There are many...

  • Atheism turning into a Religion?

    by Maxi-pad posted: 19 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 76

    Hello everybody, my name is Maximo and as a fellow Atheist, there is something that bothers me almost as much as Religion. The Atheist movement.  As I watch videos, read articles and keep up...

  • Secular Parenting and the Problem of Indoctrination

    by danarel posted: 10 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 51

    The fear of teaching ones children to be atheist is a fear known by many atheist parents. Most believe atheism is a place you should find on your own; critical thinking, knowledge, logic and other...

  • Atheism and Music

    by Jogre posted: 02 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 79

    Hello all! Ex-fundie preacher here with a very simple discussion: the impact of music. I have been 'illuminated' for about a year, just left the pastorate 6 months ago, and have only started now listening...

  • atheism in australia

    by globes posted: 27 Aug 2013 Category: Atheism 12

    I'm from Melbourne Victoria and i'm curious as too how i can be more productive in secularism, charity, education. All things relative to improving my country for everyone. Any advice will go along way :)

  • Friends

    by Stefan Depuydt posted: 19 Aug 2013 Category: Atheism 41

    First of all, forgive me, I am not very smart and my english is bad since it is not my first language. The fourth I think before Dutch, french and German. I am...