• Coming out as an Atheist!

    by Jogre posted: 12 Feb 2013 Category: Atheism 18

    While this is not perhaps the most thought provoking, nor indeed original post, I thought I would share my happiness with the wonderful folks here who gave me some advice over the past month or...

  • Agnostic, atheist, anti-theist, who's right?

    by juwakali posted: 10 Feb 2013 Category: Atheism 80

    It took me an embarrassingly long time to come to grips with the fact that religion has no truth to it. For some time after that I was OK with being labeled a catholic even...

  • Jesus and Mo Checks

    by Julianne posted: 01 Feb 2013 Category: Atheism 23

    I wanted atheist checks, so I got permission from the Author of Jesus and Mo to have some printed with the bottom halves of 4 strips. After much go-around with artisticchecks.com,...

  • Activities, Ceremonies and Gatherings

    by sandeepn81 posted: 27 Jan 2013 Category: Atheism 19

    It is my observation that a large number of people are affiliated to various religions for the primary reason of the sense of community, gathering and ceremonies they get by going to churches, mosques and temples.We...

  • Understanding Free Will

    by tardisride posted: 19 Jan 2013 Category: Atheism 177

    As a fairly recent de-convert, I am trying to wrap my head around the concept of free will versus no free will and would like to appeal to the wisdom of the RDF...

  • Have you ever "doubted" your atheism?

    by Boomerang Nebula posted: 18 Jan 2013 Category: Atheism 76

    Hi.I know this question is strange since atheism is all about doubt, but have you ever wondered if you were wrong?  Particularly if you come from a religious background, do you have any residual religious...

  • Are live debates worthwhile?

    by TyroneAByrne posted: 30 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 33

    Hi, my name is Tyrone Byrne. I am making this to try and spur discussion of what I believe is a big issue in the way in which the arguments for atheism are presented to...

  • Are there Atheists and Agnostics "Communities"?

    by truthreality posted: 26 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 22

    Many of the discussions here have highlighted a shared sense of being isolated, ostracized or feeling uncomfortable living in communities among the highly religious. Which leads to a question that I have often pondered: Where would I (or any free thinking...

  • Role of Religion as a Social Institution

    by sparkytwobillion posted: 22 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 34

    I've been thinking quite a while about how to phrase my question. The unfortunate events in Sandy Hook Connecticut allowed my question to solidify. During a news cast on the event a reporter was speaking with...

  • Where do you find your patience?

    by kbala posted: 21 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 34

    Hello all,I am amazed at the level of patience that Prof Dawkins or Daniel Dennett or Sam Harris have when dealing with superstition & ignorance. I live in England and I...

  • Ostracisation and wishing I was born a sheep!

    by EnthusiasticAtheist posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 11

    I posted in an earlier thread about an experience I had as a child (sorry I don't know yet how to refer to a thread) where my brother and cousin and myself were removed from...

  • Why I celebrate John Frum Day

    by This Is Not A Meme posted: 06 Nov 2012 Category: Atheism 10

    Every February 15th, the villagers of Tanna gather to summon John Frum by forming marching lines and hoisting an American flag.John Frum Day is a cargo-cult ritual, an anthropological anomaly born of culture clash between...

  • Be a host on a Athiest TV/Radio Program

    by Radio Paul posted: 06 Nov 2012 Category: Atheism 6

    I have a radio show in northern VA at Radio Fairfax (Radio Paul's Radio Rants)  I am looking to start a second show that will follow in the footsteps of the...

  • Please join our campaign for a 21st Century Remembrance

    by Chris.H posted: 31 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 27

    Hi, I'm the General Secretary of the UK Armed Forces Humanist Associations (UKAFHA).There are a growing number of serving and ex-serving men and women who are sick of the religious choke-hold grip on our Remembrance ceremonies....

  • Difficulties believers have with science

    by Machinehead posted: 24 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 141

    Hi  I'm new to the site and would like to offer the following thought about why some people have difficulty accepting science over religion – davetiye although someone's bound to have already...

  • How tolerant do we have to be?

    by jenog posted: 09 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 63

    Walking through the town centre this Saturday I encountered a woman equipped with a microphone telling the whole street how God and Jesus had helped her cope with her mother's lung cancer.  Her explanations were...

  • Atheism in India

    by harpreet posted: 05 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 35

    India is widely considered as the most spiritual country in the world. It is the birth place of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism which when put together contribute more than 20% of world population. Its also...

  • Any South Central PA Users?

    by TheAverageAthei posted: 05 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 1

    I'm looking for other like minded individuals in or near Hanover, PA.  I know there are groups in york and Harrisburg, but looking for something closer.  If there are other users nearby, but no group,...

  • Regarding the spread of atheism

    by Seyr posted: 14 Sep 2012 Category: Atheism 42

    Consider that a disease is more likely to be effective if it spreads unnoticed, until it passes a critical threshold, after which it is unlikely to be eradicated.If atheism can be compared to this, what...

  • Books for Atheists

    by Piecer posted: 04 Sep 2012 Category: Atheism 45

    I don't know if there was a same discussion topic in the old RD Forum, but I think I need a book suggestion from you members that can help us understand the basics of atheism and learn modern atheism...