• Rationalism in schools

    by emmacwilliams posted: 16 Apr 2014 Category: Education 25

    Are there any other teachers on here? If so I'd like to get a discussion going about being an atheist/humanist teacher and what problems or positives people have experienced.

  • Advice about Jehovah's Witnesses

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 07 Apr 2014 Category: Education 41

    Dear all,   Jehovah's Witnesses probably don't need further introduction,  mostly because they introduce themselves to everybody multiple times times a year. I thought I'd return the favor for...

  • Science channels, If they show it, It must be true

    by Maxi-pad posted: 01 Feb 2014 Category: Education 121

    I have been having a very interesting (by interesting meaning mostly ridiculous) conversation with a coworker who believes in the bible literally and that the universe is 6,000 years old. We can get pass the "don't...

  • Pseudo-science in UK libraries

    by mccuepaul1 posted: 16 Jan 2014 Category: Education 89

    My wife is a Librarian and we are currently arguing over who has the duty of care (if one exists) over keeping books on Homeopathy or Dianetics in our public or school libraries. My view...

  • How Bad Philosophy ruined the World

    by realthinktank posted: 12 Jan 2014 Category: Education 58

    There is only one set of morals that all humans should live by, and that set of morals can be decided upon by humans.  If that statement made you pause or cringe, it is because...

  • Horse evolution visualized

    by JonPerry posted: 02 Dec 2013 Category: Education 11

    This animated gif shows the evolution of the horse. The images I used to create this come from wikipedia: Horse fossils. I'd love to make more of these if anyone knows of...

  • Educational Systems Should be Changed

    by Salman posted: 22 Nov 2013 Category: Education 59

    Before I begin writing my Discussion, I'd like to point out that English is not my first language and I'm also new to the Richard Dawkins foundation community. This is my very first post. Greetings everyone. My...

  • How many medical doctors believe in evolution?

    by debpratik posted: 06 Oct 2013 Category: Education 48

    As a medical doctor myself I have observed that most of my colleagues are theists and do not believe in evolution. I don't mind their being theist since all of them hold rather a refined...

  • Logic ( Does it exist outisde of human thought? )

    by Confucian Witcher posted: 25 Sep 2013 Category: Education 56

    This is an interesting question that I thought of when I was reading my philosophy textbook on truth. The chapter dealt with answering whether truth is a concept that exists outside of human thought or...

  • Sciencific chapbooks-- a proposal

    by titania posted: 11 Sep 2013 Category: Education 4

    Consider the tracts often distributed by religious groups. They have been extrodinarily successfull in their aims. Then, if that is the case, could it not be possibe to disseminate simple pieces of  scientific education, as...

  • Evolution for Children

    by Eric Wojciechowski posted: 03 Sep 2013 Category: Education 21

    A couple weeks ago, my five-year-old daughter asked to hear the story of the big rock that fell out of the sky. And when I told her that sixty-five-million-years-ago, it came crashing down into the...

  • Vegetarianism and Animal Cruelty

    by Maxi-pad posted: 26 Aug 2013 Category: Education 133

    I was born in Argentina were the cuisine is mostly based on meat. Although I am a Omnivore, I strongly disagree with animal cruelty. I don't see this being contradictory, but was wondering if anyone here can...

  • Video about Evolution – for children?

    by PhilippDettmer posted: 22 Aug 2013 Category: Education 15

    Hi there. I'm working on free scientific videos for young people and am looking for qualified feedback. As my bachelors thesis in information design I made a video explaining...

  • Gathering for Free Thinkers

    by SAS2006 posted: 19 Aug 2013 Category: Education 12

    Due to how those who believe in religion have a place to gather, listen to a speaker, partake in friendly activities on Sundays and other days, it has come to my mind to start up...

  • Educating children

    by PeterMcG posted: 27 Jul 2013 Category: Education 17

    I like to joke I am a devout atheist! I have four children, and they have been brought up in a totally non-religious secular upbringing - to the extent they are totally unaware of God...

  • Teaching evolution in school

    by FrankH posted: 17 Jul 2013 Category: Education 43

    To start off this discussion, or perhaps the question, I am a biology teacher in the Netherlands. So my apologies for my English grammar when it ain't correct. By the way, I put this discussion...

  • The Power of Deconstruction

    by QuestioningKat posted: 11 Jul 2013 Category: Education 43

    I have come to the conclusion that we will never rid society of incorrect perceptions and magical thinking until the average person knows how to deconstruct/analyze a situation in order to find the source of...