• How to pick up where I left off?

    by Bixelate posted: 29 Jun 2013 Category: Education 37

    I am 28 years old, I can not afford to go to classes so my only option at this point is the internet and books as far as learning goes. With that said, here is...

  • Suggestions for books on mathematics?

    by UncertaintyBlog posted: 01 Jun 2013 Category: Education 23

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good introductory mathematics books? I'm trying to find something analogous to Richard Feynman's famous lectures on physics, but for math. Haven't thought much about it since high school, but would...

  • Gender evolution

    by Schwarzbach posted: 04 May 2013 Category: Education 32

    I have great respect for Richard Dawkins read a number of his books and some of Darwins. I am wondering if someone could answer this question?1.)How did gender evolve at the beginning of life on...

  • Religious fanaticism into schools on a false premise

    by StuM posted: 19 Apr 2013 Category: Education 11

    The Australasian school in which I work has offered to host a presentation by Academy Conferences http://www.academyconferences.com/ that will be attended by some of my school's students and others from around the city.  This is...

  • A question of succession

    by MrJB posted: 18 Apr 2013 Category: Education 54

    Maybe succession isn't the right word, and maybe this sounds like a silly question, but I've been wondering where the younger spokesmen are for the subjects that men like Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Christopher...

  • Enemies of Reason: Now deeply ingrained in our education.

    by C. Xander posted: 16 Apr 2013 Category: Education 29

    In the last several decades, it's no secret that the post-modernists have reduced the education system into a drivel of pointless coursework — logical assessment has been replaced with an emphasis on feelings over facts, promoting...

  • Need examples of Modern Evolution in H. sapiens

    by evolvettu posted: 14 Apr 2013 Category: Education 38

    Good afternoon all, I am writing a paper on the modern evolution taking place in humans to address the questions by most creationists; "If humans evolved, why arent they still evolving?" As...

  • evolution theory for young children (4-10yrs)

    by gabriel! posted: 11 Apr 2013 Category: Education 17

    Does anyone have recommendations for books introducing evolution theory to young children, aged 4-10? Obviously, I am perfectly willing to read to them, and explain the pictures in the book. There are many books telling bible...

  • Book Recommendations?

    by nblizzard posted: 09 Apr 2013 Category: Education 30

    Growing up Christian (and then turning to Mormonism), my parents always completely rejected (and still do) Evolution in any way, shape or form. Although I was always quite spiritual etc, in the back of my mind...

  • Can a head teacher be open about being an atheist?

    by Lar posted: 04 Apr 2013 Category: Education 46

    I have recently been applying for head teachers posts. Can I declare my atheism and still fulfill the spiritual requirements imposed upon schools? For example we have to provide collective worship. How can I do...

  • New trends in teaching biology in Russia

    by Hank Baunt posted: 24 Mar 2013 Category: Education 17

    Well, I would take the liberty of raising the question how to react to the trends we are seeing here in Russia. Teaching biology is only one of the points worth mentioning. Just recently a...

  • Television and Secularism

    by Gyrene251 posted: 07 Mar 2013 Category: Education 21

    What role should television play in promotong secularism, atheism, or freethought? Should we have our own cable network, much like many religious entities do? Should we have a syndicated program to air every Sunday morning...

  • Tricky? Transgender students in high school

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 04 Mar 2013 Category: Education 17

    Perhaps some of you have already read about a case in Colorado in which the parents of a transgender girl (born boy, identifies as girl) of six are suing* for her right to use the...

  • The Rational Wisdom of Bertrand Russell

    by Russell W posted: 25 Feb 2013 Category: Education 21

    Bertrand Russell is someone whom I have found to be of great inspiration. While I am sure many of the readers here will be more than familiar with him, I wanted to share a quotation...

  • Non-religious preschool?

    by Andychud posted: 21 Feb 2013 Category: Education 11

    Hi Everyone. For my first ever post, I'd like to ask thoughts & opinions on an uncomfortable predicament that I face. I live in the Philippines (I'm not actually Filipino) and, as you're no doubt...

  • Teaching Astronomy in a Catholic School.

    by Eliot posted: 14 Feb 2013 Category: Education 23

    As far back as I can remember I’ve always had a phobia for all things religious.  However through the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune I’ve found myself teaching 6th grade Astronomy at a Catholic...

  • On childhood beliefs

    by nathanlh posted: 30 Jan 2013 Category: Education 45

    I have been distraught by a deep moral issue lately. There is no way I will ever teach, or let my children follow religion. But I commonly relate religion and santa clause. I have been...

  • Looking for Graphic Presentation

    by Astinscience posted: 17 Jan 2013 Category: Education 15

    Hey everyone,I'm an 8th grade science teacher. We will be coming up in a couple of months in my curriculum on geologic time and evolution. I have been looking for some sort of a graphic...