• Global Free Higher Education

    by Shawn Warren posted: 10 Jan 2013 Category: Education 23

    It is possible to have free higher education (with many other improvements in the civic enterprise).  We do not have to suffer under the current system of institutions (universities/colleges), governments (federal/state or province) and unions...

  • One Stop Shop

    by brayton.l posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Education 46

    I wonder if anyone has given any thought to developing a course to educate people to the world of realism and atheism. What I am thinking of would be a step by step "course", designed...

  • Discussing Evolution in the Middle East

    by nirmal rajah posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Education 5

    Hey everyoneI'm from India and recently moved to Dubai for work. I've majored in Biological sciences and back in India I was assisting geologists in their excavation projects, from those trips I happened to learn some geology, paleontology etc,...

  • Christopher Hitchens in Arabic?

    by mulligan posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Education 5

    Hey, I have an unusual request: does anyone know of any texts by Christopher Hitchens that have been translated into Arabic?I ask cos I know an Arab fan of Hitch - she has seen him on...

  • 'Gates Notes' Talking about Secular Education

    by R.Webb posted: 12 Nov 2012 Category: Education 3

    I just noticed that 'Big History' that teaches everything from the Big Bang to evolution to modern day is being brought into high schools through a Bill Gates funded project. Looks pretty good. Hope it...

  • Help with reading material?

    by cypherchaos posted: 12 Nov 2012 Category: Education 3

    If there was one magazine on Science/Evolution/Physics or all of the mentioned that is a must read, what would you choose? I'm not just talking about paper, internet sources are great too.I've been reading so...

  • Day of Action for Malala Yousafzai

    by Dr Bob posted: 24 Oct 2012 Category: Education 5

    Please check out this BBC article, written by former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, about the Day of Action planned for Malala Yousafzai and the other 32 million girls in the world who are denied...

  • Anti-science at a non-faith school (UK)

    by BioDaveO posted: 19 Oct 2012 Category: Education 106

    I teach Science at a secondary comprehensive school in the UK. As part of my teacher training, I previously had to teach at a Roman Catholic School. Having to teach evolution as 'just' a theory and the slant on...

  • Bringing up baby

    by amy.l.watson.5 posted: 25 Sep 2012 Category: Education 18

    Hello all,This is my first post and it concerns bringing up my child. I have tried looking up all this stuff on the internet and discussing these issues with friends, but I also wanted to ask...

  • What is DNA and how does it work?

    by JonPerry posted: 04 Sep 2012 Category: Education 26

    At a recent Richard Dawkins convention, I (an animator) met hip hop artist Anthony Danzl. Over a quick chat after the convention we realized that both of us were feeling a need to branch out...