• Is democracy compatible with freedom of religion?

    by interestingfact posted: 21 Apr 2014 Category: Politics 27

    I find a contradiction in my mind. I believe that everyone has the right to believe as they wish, however, a large group of people all believing the same bad idea could negatively influence public...

  • Maximum Wage and a Free Market

    by kampinkarl48 posted: 01 Apr 2014 Category: Politics 74

    When it comes to economics, one of the greatest tragedies of our modern era is the ludicrous amounts of income inequality deemed necessary as "incentive" to work hard. Somebody earning more money for doing a more...

  • Quebec Charter Of Values

    by Qcm@rk posted: 02 Jan 2014 Category: Politics 79

    I just wanted to know if you guys have heard of what we are trying to accomplish in Quebec (Canada). This controvertial Charter of Values would ban visible religious items such as burka, crucifix in school,etc...

  • Water

    by ColinH posted: 28 Dec 2013 Category: Politics 38

    I'm feeling a bit contemplative this morning. While I was washing the wine glasses left over from the family Christmas I reflected on the amount of clean water I was using just to clear...

  • How much should we pay for religious activities?

    by ieva posted: 26 Dec 2013 Category: Politics 12

    We have place of mass pilgrimages in Latvia. It is Aglona and every year on August 15 huge number of pilgrims gather there. The problem is: who should pay for maintaining cleanliness and order, and...

  • Britain under Sharia law?

    by David W posted: 07 Dec 2013 Category: Politics 68

    Recently I have been doing some reading about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a well known former Muslim and now atheist activist. She fears that within decades, Britain will be under Sharia law due to the growing...

  • Norway's School

    by Nikobil posted: 02 Oct 2013 Category: Politics 26

    Hello, and greetings from Norway! As some of you may know, Norway had its primary election just a few weeks ago. It was the conservative side that won, and yesterday, the two...

  • Australian PM vs Christian Radio DJ

    by Timothy McNamara posted: 07 Sep 2013 Category: Politics 41

    Live on Q&A, the ABC TV political and social forum tonight, Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd appeared to face Tony Jones and the live audience as well as viewer 'Tweets'. He did so alone, as the...

  • Religion and Politics

    by john.wb posted: 31 Aug 2013 Category: Politics 38

    Although my political views are on the left of the political spectrum I often read websites from the far right; and, in the US, this means the Tea Party (most of whom consider me a...

  • Beginnings of a police state in the USA?

    by Jay G posted: 20 Jun 2013 Category: Politics 106

    I did not think I would live to see the day when I, as a citizen of the United States, would be concerned that there is a real possibility of my country becoming a fascist-style...

  • Religious Exemption Example In QLD News

    by Dawnrazor posted: 24 Apr 2013 Category: Politics 18

    Hi all, Long time reader first time poster. I've just seen this situation play out in Australia and I'm frankly a bit annoyed by it, and unsure where to take this. I...

  • Isn't our culture tainted by religion?

    by benoniboy posted: 23 Apr 2013 Category: Politics 23

    So what if hypothetically, in the best of all possible worlds, belief in the nonsense of religion would disappear? Say the Roman juggernaut would shut down; the Pope, cardinals and priests would all get real...

  • Sean Faircloth Inspires in New Zealand

    by Paul Bennett posted: 10 Apr 2013 Category: Politics 4

    Not sure if this will qualify as an actual topic for discussion, but I just wanted to say a big thankyou to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, who helped fundd Sean Faircloth...