• Help! Trying to save what may be a lost cause.

    by AthenaPrime posted: 15 Dec 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 37

    A formerly rational friend has been brainwashed by her new fundamentalist husband.  She now insists that there is no conclusive evidence to prove that evolution is real.  I recommended that she read some of Dr....

  • Make believe Science on TV

    by Richard H posted: 28 Nov 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 31

    My son thinks Mermaids (actually fill in the blank with Nessie, Big Foot and/or Aliens) are real.  Television is not doing me any favors as far as teaching critical thinking and zoology.  While a branch...

  • Do you think chiropractic treatment is quackery?

    by matt1162 posted: 22 Nov 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 46

    I've read many people sharing their ideas that chiropractic care is quackery. I am a former competition weightlifter and have been to a chiropractor many times with mixed results. Usually the chiropractor's assistant would come...

  • What the Doctors Don't Tell You

    by Martyns posted: 17 Nov 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 23

    Okay, a bit of background. My mum, is religiously a believer in all things alternative, you name anything that you shouldn't believe in and she believes in it. She describes her faith as a blend...

  • Genome Mapping/DNA tests

    by QuestioningKat posted: 30 Oct 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 33

    As I child, I was envious of other kids mentioning their diverse heritage/nationalities. Kids would proudly list off that they were German, Italian, English, Irish and Cherokee or something exotic along those lines. As a...

  • Natural remedies/ Medicinal Plant

    by thelonehye1988 posted: 28 Oct 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 18

    Hello, this is my first posting on this site. I am curious on what people think about natural medecinal plants that are not normally approved by the FDA or whatnot. Honestly, I...

  • need defense from religious fundamentalists

    by wakey72 posted: 07 Oct 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 35

    Hi there...I was just hoping someone can help me.  My brother has a bit of a brain injury and can be easily influenced, and unfortunately some religious fundamentalists are trying to influence him.  Recently he...

  • The nature of miraculous claims....

    by achromat666 posted: 21 Sep 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 97

    I'm finding the more people come to the site and make defend miraculous claims a pretty common thread arises: Either... 1. The claim itself has no corroborating evidence. ...

  • Dolphin Snake Oil

    by SoundGuyLuke posted: 18 Sep 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 11

    In June, I was delighted to read an article posted here about the language of prairie dogs, and how researchers are decoding their yelps and calls through contextual data. I was enthralled. As a fan...

  • Superstition Defense

    by benirons posted: 22 Jul 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 28

    I am new to the foundation, so if this has been answered already, please forgive me and direct me to the link that has the answers.  With the internet and now social media being used...

  • Fluoride

    by missbutton posted: 05 Jul 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 85

    We have a major problem here with a very vocal group of nutters  who are pressuring District Councils to have fluoride removed from the drinking water. This group bombards gullible Councillors with pseudo-science in the...

  • Alternative Medicine Literature?

    by Albert_asm posted: 26 Jun 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 19

    Hello to all! Im constantly fighting against alternative medicines (homeopathy, bach flowers, acupunture) but other than "Enemies of reason" i need to do more reading.  Can you help me...

  • Rebirth and past life experiences

    by Logical Thinker posted: 19 Apr 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 62

    Hey everyone..!!! I'm an atheist brought up in an atheistic Buddhist environment. Everything I learned in my religion or better call it a philosophy, were more like logical stuff and everything was about reasoning, and nothing to...

  • Is it worth it?

    by bob_e_s posted: 10 Apr 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 23

    On the recommendation of another RDN user, I signed up for the Introduction to Astrobiology course on Coursera, run by Edinburgh University. While it attracted a lot of like-minded people either with...

  • The greatest hoax on earth ?

    by Nathan Henderson posted: 18 Mar 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 50

    Recently, I have been rather obliged to read the book 'The Greatest Hoax On Earth, refuting Dawkins on evolution' by a friend, because I made him read the original Dawkins book, and I have written a 20 page...