• Pope: Internet is a 'gift from God'

    by PY posted: 03 Apr 2014 Category: Religion 106

    "The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity," Francis said. "This is something truly good, a gift from God." Beyond  reason is the continuing theft of science by a...

  • Tony Blair blaming religious intolerance

    by catphil posted: 28 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 35

    Tony Blair, writing in the Observer (26 Jan), said that religious extremism has become the biggest source of conflict around the world. Referring to wars and violent confrontations in places  like Syria,...

  • Global Societal Delusions and the Drinking of Wine

    by David R Allen posted: 25 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 43

    I’m retired.  A group of like minded retirees meet weekly at a coffee shop overlooking one of Australia's magnificent white sand beaches.  One of us even came up for a name for the group and...

  • Is meditation worthwhile?

    by Pumpkin_Programmer posted: 23 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 29

    As someone with a naturalistic worldview, I have been interested in mindfulness meditation as a means of enhancing my experience of the world. Although I’m aware that meditation can be entirely divorced from mystical, woo-woo...

  • "Mystical" experience

    by Machinehead posted: 19 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 30

    Hi When I was 18 I was working as a runner at a film studio outside London. After a particularly stressful and busy morning, I managed to grab five minutes to sit down...

  • Mandatory 'National Prayer' Day in Namibia

    by knox.shikongo posted: 15 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 8

    Namibia (my home country) recently ordered a MANDATORY national prayer day (prayer against a surge in passion killings). Stores were forced to close for an hour, and employers were instructed to allow employees to attend...

  • The Elusive Pursuit of Perfection

    by QuestioningKat posted: 15 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 19

    Why is the idea of perfection and the achievement of some sort of idealistic "heaven" so prevalent and motivating for many? Why do religions exalt Perfection? Perfection is preached as possible, usually as the experience...

  • God's Psychological Profile

    by David R Allen posted: 12 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 21

    I've often wondered what a group of psychologists would make of god if they were presented with a list of behaviours described in the bible, but were not told who the person they were profiling...

  • Sabbath mode ?

    by mmurray posted: 12 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 28

    I just bought my second refrigerator.  The first one lasted 28 years. I think they forgot the redundancy. The new one has something called Sabbath Mode.  Someone on the internet suggested that means it plays...

  • When Demons Are Real

    by Kwaku Asante posted: 19 Feb 2014 Category: Religion 16

    Witchcraft superstition has become a major problem in many African countries especially Ghana where witchcraft superstition and persecution is so high. The availability of witch camps in the country  reflects the seriousness of the problem...

  • The moral issue on religion

    by VitorFrota posted: 11 Feb 2014 Category: Religion 29

    Hello, Friends. First I like to apologize for any misspelling, I'm from Brazil, a portuguese speaking country, although I speak english as well. Just not so well.   Well,...

  • The Golden Ratio

    by nsf834 posted: 09 Jan 2014 Category: Religion 25

    I was talking to a coworker today about the lack of evidence supporting god. He than said something about what is called "The Golden Ratio." I couldn't really say much because I have never heard of...

  • Can buddhism and science work together?

    by CrisTanzi posted: 06 Jan 2014 Category: Religion 141

    I've been a buddhist for 12 years ( sgi-uk  Buddhist) and though not an intellectual at all, I've started to think that like other form of religions the chanting ( we chant nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo)  which makes me...

  • Do believers act more morally?

    by catphil posted: 01 Jan 2014 Category: Religion 94

    One recurrent theme in the debate between atheists and believers is whether deists/religious people tend have better morals or ethics than non-believers.  “Arguments” from one side include Steven Weinberg’s famous “for good people to do...

  • Why do I have a Christmas tree?

    by Ken Nardone posted: 28 Dec 2013 Category: Religion 14

    To me, this tree represents the Tree of Life. I look at each branch and subsequent branch as a distinct species, illustrating clear traces back to their respective common ancestors. The pines on the branches...