• Anyone got a simple answer?

    by laocmo posted: 22 Dec 2013 Category: Religion 117

    Can’t get a sensible answer from any theist or religious group to this simple logical dilemma. All I get is obvious ignorance of logical syllogisms, or a three page theological discussion, every fourth...

  • The enduring influence of religion

    by Ospreywing posted: 18 Dec 2013 Category: Religion 29

    Why does religion, in the broad sense, have such stong, enduring influence in the history of human civilization?  Is there any other cultural or sociological way of thinking that has dominated human history as much as...

  • The Flexible "God Hypothesis"

    by petermead1 posted: 09 Dec 2013 Category: Religion 43

    I've been wondering something lately. Out of the many different ideas that have been brought forth into existence by the human mind, why has the concept of God not only survived, but thrived exceedingly? It...

  • Evidence for Jesus outside New Testament

    by ask_?s posted: 05 Dec 2013 Category: Religion 76

    What physical evidence exists for the evidence of Jesus outside the new testament. Also, why is the new testament consider historical evidence when it is all heresay (nonwitness) accounts of Jesus. Why do so my...

  • "To Heaven and Back"

    by RickM posted: 01 Dec 2013 Category: Religion 20

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper will be airing a special on Sunday (12/1) at 7 PM Eastern by the title of "To Heaven and Back".  I saw a short part of a promo and apparently this program...

  • Religion and natural selection

    by TomRoberts posted: 24 Nov 2013 Category: Religion 86

    Religion and natural selection On Radio 4's Start the Week I really enjoyed listening to Richard Dawkins, Lisa Randall and Rabbi Jonathan Sachs discuss their views on life, the universe and everything,...

  • Why religion thrived where science failed.

    by 80science80 posted: 20 Nov 2013 Category: Religion 50

    The reason religion is so popular relates to our need to survive. Humans have a pack mentality. We believe there's safety in numbers. That's how we've evolved. Religion caters to our sense of  belonging, science...

  • A God in Sheep's Clothing: Theistic Evolutionism

    by worldagain posted: 15 Nov 2013 Category: Religion 64

    Dealing with persons who identify themselves as theistic evolutionists, "TEs", (i.e., fully accept Darwinian evolution and belief in a monotheistic god) can be tricky.  They denounce creationists and ID'ers, but yet still somehow accept faith and...

  • Proof of god's existence

    by melaleuca posted: 04 Nov 2013 Category: Religion 164

    I was watching Richard Dawkins in discussion with Peter Boghossian (24/10/13) when they were asked “what would it take for them to believe God exists?” I watched as 2 keen intellects lapsed into silent speculation,...

  • Science "causing" resurgence in religious beliefs?

    by PlasticTitan posted: 29 Oct 2013 Category: Religion 19

    I recently attended a training seminar about leadership, and the subject of changing technology and how it changes people's work ethics came up...the old adage of future science and magic being indistinguishable kept popping in...

  • Is Religion an Extravagance?

    by mitch posted: 24 Oct 2013 Category: Religion 128

    In God Delusion RD said, “Darwinian selection habitually targets and eliminates waste. Nature is a miserly accountant, grudging the pennies, watching the clock, punishing the SMALLEST extravagance." RD also said...

  • Occam’s razor & The Truth about the Universe

    by Millard N. Stewart posted: 17 Oct 2013 Category: Religion 86

    Last Sunday's service was quite interesting. Our pastor spoke mainly about science and how our faith in God is constantly being tested, so I could not resist writing this little piece. We all know that...

  • Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

    by zifn4b posted: 13 Oct 2013 Category: Religion 131

    I hope that Mr. Dawkins himself can help me with this dilemma.  I have spent a substantial amount of time pondering the Intelligent Design and Evolution concepts to try to form my own world view...

  • Atheistic tolerance to religion in general.

    by aroundtown posted: 09 Oct 2013 Category: Religion 84

    We had a spirited discussion here at RDFRS recently regarding Jesus on another post.  The post was about a young girl in Texas and her opinions on a part of Jesus (via quip board) and...

  • Religion without Deity or Dogma

    by MacFR posted: 29 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 143

    When I read comments about "atheists" disproving God I am always surprised that I never see any alternative solutions being offered.  I feel that someone trying to disprove the existence of a theist’s deity is as likely...

  • Blasphemy Day 2013

    by QuestioningKat posted: 26 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 62

    Blasphemy Day is September 30, 2013. Give it your best shot!

  • Biblical Prophecy

    by shortpolock posted: 22 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 171

    What is the atheist's answer to Prophecies in the Bible being fulfilled? Does this indicate that God exists?  For example, Isaiah (Ch's 52, 53) predicted the crucifixion of Jesus several hundred years before it was...

  • A refute to morality from God

    by scottcgold posted: 17 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 35

    Watching various debates between atheists and the religious I have noticed, as I am sure many others have, that the question of morality always wants to rear it’s head...

  • Is religion an evolved trait

    by david.mayntz posted: 13 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 46

    Hi, I have a question that I would love to hear some comments on. In the british tv documentary, Secrets of the superbrands 1, a brain scientist suggests that: “the technology megabrands have harnessed a...

  • How would music have evolved if there were no religion?

    by thebear250 posted: 09 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 53

    For the sake of argument, let us talk about primarily Western music.  I am operating under the assumption that everyone knows what I am refferring to when I say Western music.  From music of antiquity (ancient...