• How would music have evolved if there were no religion?

    by thebear250 posted: 09 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 53

    For the sake of argument, let us talk about primarily Western music.  I am operating under the assumption that everyone knows what I am refferring to when I say Western music.  From music of antiquity (ancient...

  • No Exodus - no Judeo-Christian faiths?

    by godisnotgreat posted: 05 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 51

    One of the fundamental myths of Judaism - and therefore of Christian and Muslim faiths - is the exodus story. Unlike other myths (e.g. Jesus), this one can (and was) tested: hundred of thousands of people are...

  • Religion is wrong. So what?

    by imp posted: 01 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 31

    English is not my native language, so have mercy about grammatical issues. However my friends says my language is nice, you should so if you are a friend. My religious concepts felt...

  • Origins of religious belief systems.

    by capetownian posted: 28 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 33

    I am sure that most, if not all the members of this site have experienced how it is virtually impossible to argue with friends and family when ot comes to "belief" and "faith" in the...

  • Is religion really universal among humans

    by BenCarollo posted: 24 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 48

             Reading through Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion". I cant help but notice that he buys into the anthropological myth that religion is somehow universal. I would like to bring that...

  • Lying for Jesus, Redux

    by Quine posted: 20 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 107

    Earlier this year, the video blogger, Potholer54, put up this video dedicated to one of the 'tubes biggest pushers of lies for Jesus, the Banana Man, Ray Comfort: Ray has...

  • Organizing for Secular Understanding - Worthwhile?

    by utopia posted: 14 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 29

    While absorbing knowledge and furthering one's personal understanding of the universe is laudible, has anyone ideas about how we are going to increase public understanding of the nature of reality? Politics is...

  • Separation of Church and Hospitals

    by nycdave posted: 10 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 80

    There is much debate and activity in the issue of the separation of church and state but why not the separation of church and hospitals? As I type this discussion I am sitting in...

  • Miracle Healing - It has reached my family too!

    by scientific_philosopher posted: 06 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 31

    Dear students and friends of the scientific secular thought! I consider myself privileged to have been raised by my grandparents. Unlike many of my friends grandparents they were not religious and especially...

  • Christian Science - the misuse of the word science!

    by scientific_philosopher posted: 31 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 42

    Dear fellow non-theists! I've always been very annoyed by the constant misuse of the word "science", especially when it's in the same sentence with religion. The difference between science and religion is that...

  • Is God necessary for absolute morality?

    by David W posted: 28 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 310

    Christians and other religious people often argue that God is required for absolute morality. The agument usually goes something like this: 1.If there is no God then there is no absolute morality...

  • Vegetarianism

    by masterboot posted: 24 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 78

    I raise my 3 year old son as a vegetarian.  Am I then forcing my beliefs upon him just as I would if i raised him as a christian? Many people...

  • I admire Richard Dawkins but...

    by flopster123 posted: 20 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 146

    I want to join this site because I'm a sincere admirer of Richard Dawkins.  His bravery and honesty and his dedication to his beliefs, let alone his scientific distinction and his wonderful writing, make him...

  • Polish Pastafarian movement

    by PastaArtur posted: 18 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 20

    Hello,   I'm creating this discussion to mention the doings of the Pastafarians in Poland and our struggles with the Polish Government for Pastafarianism to get official recognition as...

  • Humanism (Is it a religion?)

    by Confucian Witcher posted: 10 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 47

    Hi, My name is Roger and I would like to discuss something peculiar that happened at the beginning of my 2nd semester at the public highschool. In geography the teacher was discussing...

  • Number 1 personal reason for conviction

    by Roedy posted: 01 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 131

    I asked myself what in the main reason I do not believe in god? What is the reason that personally convinces me most? I think it is this: There are 10,000 gods, all equally absurd,...

  • Religion and Mental Health

    by jpo2709 posted: 18 Jun 2013 Category: Religion 30

    Do not know if anyone has had any similar experience, but something that happened to me regarding religion might need more disscussion or investigation. It centres on my experience when i was...

  • AA and a higher power

    by jacqui40 posted: 15 Jun 2013 Category: Religion 73

    I wonder if i could ask for some guidance / discussion regarding AA ( alcoholics anonymous). I have been a member of this fellowship for 9 years now and have battled with alcohol addiction for...

  • I am an Atheist with background of Hindu Religion.

    by prabinsharma.timilsina posted: 08 Jun 2013 Category: Religion 15

    There are very few number of Atheist here in Nepal. Its only 51 people counted till date with refrence to atheistcensus.com. Well , i am proud of myself because i believe in myself rather then so...

  • Addressing door-to-door evangelism

    by Jason Stripling posted: 29 May 2013 Category: Religion 62

    Does anyone know if there is a resource that could help me when challenging the door-to-door missionaries? It would be extremely helpful to be able to go and pull a folder with a print out of the...