• New Athiest

    by kiwichick posted: 25 May 2013 Category: Religion 95

    Hi All I am an Ex-Mormon, Over the past few months I have been feeling quite depressed. A few weeks ago I gave in my resignation to leave the Mormon Church, who...

  • Atheist Teen

    by Aubriel_J posted: 20 May 2013 Category: Religion 62

    My name is Abby and I'm an atheist. I happen to live in a very small, very religious town where I am somewhat notorious for my views. My family and I have been horribly harassed...

  • Is every type of religion bad?

    by sirious posted: 16 May 2013 Category: Religion 106

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new here. I apologize in advance for my lack of grammar (I'm Swedish...) I have a question for you, that I would be very glad if you could help me with....

  • Historical fact vs Faith Reasoning

    by karatematt posted: 10 May 2013 Category: Religion 141

    Presupposing the historical veracity of the Christ figure as a teacher, a religious leader, an iconoclast, and (most importantly) a human man, what evidence acutally exists for assuming the supernatural miracles ascribed to this one man based...

  • Irreducibly Complex

    by karatematt posted: 23 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 14

    I basically just need some quick references to some works on the NOT SO irreducibly complex bacterial flagellum. 

  • Religious scripture in classrooms

    by Powell_Daniel posted: 13 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 23

    Hi Everyone. I am a recent atheist, and at school we are basically forced to do religious scripture once a fortnight. I recognise that Atheism is not a religion, but the only...

  • Religion, culture and dirty looks.

    by flutePlayer3 posted: 11 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 32

    I am in the early stages of applying to be a foster carer. At an initial meeting with our assessor amongst all the things that were discussed, I was asked if I...

  • Conspiracy Road Trip: Creationism (new TV show/series)

    by itraining posted: 11 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 13

    There is a great new TV series titled "Conspiracy Road Trip". Comedian Andrew Maxwell presents his serious side as he takes 5 British "believers" on a road trip top confront their beliefs. The Conspiracy Road...

  • A.A. is not treatment.

    by simplyMark posted: 09 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 18

    My first post. I'm a recovering alcoholic & drug addict. 20 years of my life spent getting wasted. I've been to rehab 3 times & in group therapy I spent most of my time arguing...

  • Fundamentalist Christians discrediting science

    by Nash33 posted: 08 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 23

    I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian church. In the 1940s when I was a teenager, I remember the preacher from time to time would make statements discrediting scientists. Two examples I still remember are:...

  • How does one prove reason?

    by tjmapa posted: 08 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 46

    In order to figure out anything, we need reason. Where did reason come from though? How can we prove the existence of reason? It seems we cannot prove reason with reason, which is circular...

  • Your Film Reviews, Life of Pi

    by Stephen of Wimbledon posted: 06 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 19

    Hi, I was recently dragged to a screening of the film Life of Pi (in 3D).   In an early scene the main character says he...

  • Ishtar Vs. Easter

    by EnigmaticSkeptic posted: 01 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 22

    Hello everyone! In light of today's misunderstood and pointless holiday (Easter), I was curious to see how many of us involved on these discussion boards came across this whole Ishtar Vs. Easter...

  • Religion and sex

    by kbala posted: 28 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 19

    Hallo zusammen, I have always wondered why religions demonize sex and often depict women as subordinates. Any one who has visited ancient temples in India would have come across...

  • The trick on Ontological Argument

    by baaltzebub posted: 28 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 37

    Hi, guys !English is not my native language. I never made a class on this language. Thus, i know that this text is poor in grammar and vocabulary. I don't know if it is relevant...

  • What evidence would be enough?

    by Chipmunk posted: 22 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 308

    Before I start, I would like to say that I think that most of what Dr. Dawkins thinks about religion makes very good sense. I understand and agree with the idea of not believing in what there...

  • Either you're with us, or you're with the Evil ones

    by The Buachaill posted: 16 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 90

    No this isn't a discussion about George Bush and his McCarthyesque attempts to frame anyone who disagreed with him as a terrorist.Rather this is a disappointing, and yet hardly unsurprising, look at the divisive and...