• Is evidence all that matters?

    by Mormon Atheist posted: 12 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 183

    I, as I am sure many other atheists do, always cite the lack of evidence for a god as one of the main reasons for my disbelief. However, I often wonder if that's sufficient enough...

  • Queen to sign new charter backing gay rights: The irony of the U.S.

    by MANintheMIDDLE posted: 11 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 24

    I was pointed to this article, by a friend, in an online discussion: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/9920238/Queen-to-sign-new-charter-backing-gay-rights.htmlYou know, there's a certain irony in this. The U.S. was born partly due to discrimination felt by groups like the Pilgrims. They...

  • A statement of faith

    by GlenNeuro posted: 09 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 27

    Is it legal for an employer to ask you to sign a statement of faith?I recently started a new part time job whilst studying for my Bsc (Hons) Neuropsychology. Before being a student I was...

  • New TV Series (coming soon): The Bible

    by itraining posted: 08 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 13

    The news.com.au web site posted an article about a new 5 part television series screening soon on The History Channel. The official web site is here: http://www.bibleseries.tv/From news.com.au: Introducing, The Bible: Ten hours of dramatic TV re-enactments of history’s most...

  • Daniel Everett Lost Tribe Lost Faith

    by zennonanon posted: 02 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 13

    Hi RDF,I hope this is the correct place to let you know about the fantastic story behind the you tube videohttp://youtu.be/Zju5YwsP8GEI could not find anything on RDF about Daniel Everett and I'm sure everyone will...

  • Does anyone else go through difficulty growing up

    by uncertain18 posted: 28 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 26

    My entire 18 years of life I've never felt the "divine spirit" or the voice that everyone seems to go on about at congregations or any other things of the sort that uplifts people... I always found myself...

  • Prove there's no god

    by paxpoker posted: 27 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 140

    When I say to a christian ,provide proof there is a god,the answer is often,provide proof there is no god.How do we prove that there is no god?.If we say that based on science I BELIEVE that...

  • Religious fundamentalists & capital punishment

    by kbala posted: 24 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 30

    Hi,I was quite ambivalent about capital punishment before moving to England. But after listening to my colleague (gulping few pints at the pub) at the university where I was studying, I got convinced that...

  • Why is it okay to believe in a God?

    by Liam91 posted: 22 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 41

    If I said to someone that I believe in Father Christmas or the tooth fairy for example, any right-minded person would laugh in my face. However if someone said that they believe in a God,...

  • What if I am not planning to "convert" a J.W.?

    by Dianne M. Leonard posted: 18 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 38

    I have gotten into an on-going discussion with a Jehovah's Witness at the laundromat (me doing laundry, him handing out his tracts.) He seems to be a very nice young man, about half my age,...

  • What impact will the internet have on Religion?

    by Eliot posted: 14 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 16

    Many of the 6th graders at the the school where I teach now carry smart phones.  Often times when I present them with information that they consider remarkable, or perhaps suspect, out comes the iPhone...

  • Religion's impact on the initial creation and spread of morality

    by spaik posted: 11 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 21

    I was watching a documentary of an interview of Professor Dawkins with Al Jazeera in Oxford University. (Here is the link for those interested: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=U0Xn60Zw03A#!)There was an interesting question in it which was the following:(with a bit of...

  • Homeless Atheist

    by bumphilosopher posted: 08 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 67

    As a homeless atheist, the Christian Shelters and Kitchens barred and banned me after objecting to hour long sermons in order to receive a meal or bed. There really is no help other than the...

  • Women suffer from Gandhi's legacy

    by kbala posted: 29 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 21

    Few have been quoting Gandhi & his views recently. I would like to shed some light on Gandhi's view on women. Mohandas Gandhi held India back when it came to women's rights – and...

  • Alone in New York

    by GPWC posted: 28 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 21

    I have been in contact with a 16 year old (let’s call her Y) who is a member of the ultra orthodox and insular Jewish community “The Chassidim”. She is appealing for...

  • Clearing some doubts about religion

    by siladityaaich posted: 22 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 45

    Hey,i'm an atheist from India. While having a discussion with my muslim friend on religion,he told me that the qurran talks about the big bang theory and things about embryology and that the qurran even talks...

  • End time stories

    by mikenlynn posted: 12 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 11

    I was wondering what other world religions, besides Christianity, has an end-time narrative?  It doesn't have to be apocalyptic. It can be anything that is a course of events which culminates in the world as...

  • Conservative Laestadianism

    by Halla posted: 10 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 41

    Hi everyone.First off, I want to apoligize for my relatively weak english.I'm a 17-year-old female high school student in Finland. When it comes to religion, I'd say that out of all the young finnish people...

  • Pro evolutionary Islam

    by TheRationalizer posted: 08 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 36

    Many of you may already be familiar with Usama Hasan, a UK Imam who received quite a negative response for suggesting to a Muslim audience that humans share a common ancestor with modern apes.Seemingly undeterred...

  • Atheism, Divorce, and Choices

    by Jogre posted: 01 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 11

    I shall endeavour as much as possible to keep this topic on point, avoiding all unnecessarily heavy descriptions that seem to ask you to be 'free psychologists' (although I am fairly certain that some among here...