• Evolution

    by iespinoza11 posted: 03 Apr 2014 Category: Science 28

    I have an honest question for evolutionists. I'm sorry if it sounds like a stupid question because I'm not super learned in the topic. Evolutionists account for the complexity of life by means of random...

  • Reasoning in Birds

    by Vorlund posted: 01 Apr 2014 Category: Science 10

    I observed some interesting behaviour among seabirds some while ago while on a cruise holiday.  The ship pulled out early evening in twilight and the water was illuminated on each side by...

  • Dating Methods

    by Mr DArcy posted: 25 Mar 2014 Category: Science 49

    No not that kind of dating ! The scientific kind please. During the recent debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye, the young earth creationist Ken Ham made the claim that some...

  • The limits of human progress

    by Nunbeliever posted: 15 Mar 2014 Category: Science 72

    When the Eagle landed on the moon in 1969 the world stood still. Although it was a part of a quite cynical cold war between the USA and the USSR, most people remember this event not...

  • Well Being is not Enough

    by Red Dog posted: 13 Mar 2014 Category: Science 229

    In The Moral Landscape Sam Harris proposes that the study of ethics is a legitimate field for scientific inquiry.  He argues that human well-being is the only metric required for making moral choices.  I will...

  • Irreducible Complexity

    by Roedy posted: 13 Mar 2014 Category: Science 22

    I spend a considerable proportion of my days debating creationists, debunking bogus irreducible complexity claims.  However, I came up with one on my own that stumps me.  How did the dragonfly wing...

  • Legality of human cloning

    by DiscoDad posted: 15 Feb 2014 Category: Science 30

    I was reading on New Scientist about the ethics of cloning in light of the possible breakthrough in creating totipotent stem cells. There are of course laws and international treaties against reproductive cloning of humans,...

  • How did the eye evolve?

    by peterparker posted: 01 Feb 2014 Category: Science 30

    According to this it started with a light-sensitive spot on the skin probably in order to see light a day which would help you to survive. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/evolution/library/01/1/l_011_01.html But that...

  • Can Science Explain Everything? (And do we want that?)

    by Art&Ideas posted: 12 Jan 2014 Category: Science 71

    We're seeing these days massive progress in science - boosted by technological progress - from neuroscience to the search for the ultimate particle (Higgs Boson). So, I was wondering from a sort of philosophical point...

  • Grand Unifying Analogy/Quote of Evolution

    by Catfish posted: 08 Jan 2014 Category: Science 58

      Personally find it difficult to find a spot in my mind for Evolution. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe in evolution but it is the randomness (ie. we would not...

  • What is Possible? Fiction, Gods, and the Philosophy of Science

    by Zeuglodon posted: 07 Jan 2014 Category: Science 15

    It is said by Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, and others that science versus religion is an offshoot of the broader conflict between reason and superstition, but maybe reason and superstition are themselves offshoots of...

  • The Perplexity of the Cosmos

    by ScienceIsTruth01 posted: 03 Jan 2014 Category: Science 17

    There are many theories to the origin of the universe. The most commonly accepted theory is the Big Bang. The Hot Big Bang was started at a singularity at a point in space-time that...

  • Applying scientific methodology to history

    by stevens posted: 30 Dec 2013 Category: Science 20

    A Brief Introduction: Hello everyone, this is my first post on these boards despite my deep and extensive interest in secular and scientific triumph over the widespread religious nonsense that has plagued...

  • Did other "human" equivalent species ever exist?

    by luivis7 posted: 24 Dec 2013 Category: Science 30

    While reading chapter 3 "Accumulating Small Change" of "The Blind Watchmaker" I came accross how different species around the world can evolve into similar traits. For example, the African and South American wekaly electric fish,...

  • Near future 'probable' discoveries.

    by sseldogeno posted: 19 Dec 2013 Category: Science 38

    Even though the evidence already exists, what ‘possible’ discovery (in paleontology, in molecular biology, etc.) in the near future could be so colossal, so powerful, and practically impossible to contradict, that would convince the most...

  • Is modern medicine corrupt?

    by Nunbeliever posted: 16 Dec 2013 Category: Science 27

    Last year known skeptic Ben Goldacre talked about medical science on TED and how negative results are often not reported in scientific journals (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKmxL8VYy0M).   This talk made me think about medical...