• The elephant is "consciousness"

    by melaleuca posted: 10 Dec 2013 Category: Science 239

    Consciousness.  No-one has a handle on this -- at least not in the scientific world.  What "space" does it inhabit?  Does it extend past my corpareal body? Can it overlap with another's? ...

  • Refuting God starting everything as a theory?

    by alext180 posted: 06 Dec 2013 Category: Science 130

    I am an atheist, and hold great store in reason, and science. Not only do I not believe in god due to scientific reasons, but also simple logic. Apart from this simple logic all atheists...

  • Creationism?

    by Vivien Cooksley posted: 03 Dec 2013 Category: Science 98

    I wish to apologise in advance.  My knowledge in science is rather limited - so my questions will probably seem stupid to most people here.  In fact, I was sent to a catholic private language...

  • Why Haven't Humans Speciated?

    by godzillatemple posted: 21 Nov 2013 Category: Science 72

    All right, I have finished reading "The Greatest Show on Earth" and "Climbing Mount Impossible".  Next on my reading list is "The Blind Watchmaker", after which I hope to finally tackle "The Selfish Gene" (and...

  • Extinction or Evolution?

    by KrustyG posted: 16 Nov 2013 Category: Science 26

    I apologize if this seems naive, but I was asked a question that appears to me to be kinda deep, but might just turn out to be a detail about terminology. I...

  • Nothing = Energy?

    by Jigger posted: 10 Nov 2013 Category: Science 56

    Just watched a lecture by L. Krauss on 'A Universe From Nothing'. In the lecture he claims that all the math that defines the universe can be reduced to zero. Maybe I heard it wrong...

  • RNA vs DNA

    by Roedy posted: 04 Nov 2013 Category: Science 11

    Crick suggested that RNA was the original encoding for genetic information, then it was replaced by DNA. DNA is more stable and reproduces more accurately.  This explains the strangely indirect protein synthesis...

  • When can science stop being skeptical?

    by Steve Zara posted: 27 Oct 2013 Category: Science 122

    Scientists should be skeptics. We (if you will forgive me identifying as a scientist after a couple of decades away from any laboratory) should hold beliefs about the world lightly, being willing to give them...

  • When They Were Cells

    by Jigger posted: 23 Oct 2013 Category: Science 19

    Upon the creation of the first living cells (or even if those cells landed here from elsewhere in the cosmos) those cells had to ingest or absorb some kind of life...

  • Ethics for Determinists

    by Zeuglodon posted: 18 Oct 2013 Category: Science 63

    Instead of arguing whether or not determinism or free will or some form of compatibilism is true, I thought it would be more interesting to discuss the actual implications of determinism on our ethics.I don't want to...

  • Best Science Apps Recommendations

    by RDfan posted: 16 Oct 2013 Category: Science 12

    Hi all, I've been wondering what kinds of science apps I should get (I hope this topic has not already been dealt with here). I could easily do a...

  • Homology supported by genetics?

    by kaloskm posted: 12 Oct 2013 Category: Science 26

    I except evolution but i like to get my facts straight.  I got in to a discussion with a creationist a few days ago about homology being explainable by common ancestory. I was...

  • Changing Times...for Animals?

    by PlasticTitan posted: 08 Oct 2013 Category: Science 12

    I have noticed that thought history (in books and life exp) that what people see as attractive changes.  It could be physical, cultural, and even psychological.  My question is; do these types of changes happen...

  • Science and religion get us no closer to the truth.

    by Tash posted: 03 Oct 2013 Category: Science 67

    Science, the study of the physical and natural world will one day in the future help mankind know down to the smallest particle, everything in our vast universe. We will be able to create, destroy, manipulate and...

  • Altruism/ egoism

    by Sarah M posted: 25 Sep 2013 Category: Science 30

    Last night I attended an event at the Lyceum in Edinburgh, during which Richard Dawkins and Aubrey Manning discussed Dawkins' memoir, An Appetite for Wonder. As part of a more general discussion about determinism in animal...

  • Help sought.

    by siwel.trebor@bighpond.com posted: 20 Sep 2013 Category: Science 63

    I have received some good advice from here before.  now I would appreciate it if anyone can help me annswer this message I received.  Obviously the time span required is greater than a human life...

  • The Central Paradox of Evolution

    by godzillatemple posted: 16 Sep 2013 Category: Science 220

    I'll preface this as usual by stating that I am an atheist with a strong acceptance of the scientific method, and this is in no way an attempt to "disprove" the theory of evolution.  I...

  • Is there more than one DNA family tree?

    by MIchael posted: 12 Sep 2013 Category: Science 18

    Do we know if there is more than one DNA family tree? Did life only ever start once in one place and all other life eventually evolved from that life or did...