• is DNA a code?

    by cynic252 posted: 04 Jun 2013 Category: Science 37

    I have been having a running debate with a friend about whether DNA is a code...I believe it isnt but I cont convince of the idea and wondered whether I am wrong.

  • Compartmentalization and Double Lives

    by InYourFaceNewYorker posted: 04 Jun 2013 Category: Science 8

    By now I'm sure almost everyone has heard about the three women in Ohio who were missing for about ten years and then found alive in the house of a guy named Ariel Castro. Details...

  • Genetically modified food

    by Kristine Sackett posted: 27 May 2013 Category: Science 45

    This is something I have become increasingly concerned about and I was wondering where I could find some solid sience on the subject.

  • Abiogenesis , multiple times?

    by degeus posted: 23 May 2013 Category: Science 24

    Hi there, Somebody asked me why Abiogenesis happened only once. My response was that it may very well have happened multiple times but that the Earth's atmosphere transitioned from...

  • Consciousness and Life

    by Cairsley posted: 22 May 2013 Category: Science 76

    Having read Consciousness Explained by Daniel C. Dennett, I am very grateful to the author of this excellent book for setting out what amounts to a promising basis for furthering the understanding of consciousness, which...

  • Definition of pseudoscience

    by ieva posted: 19 May 2013 Category: Science 30

    Could somebody suggest a definition of pseudoscience? Because, for example, it should not be difficult to explain why homeopathy is a pseudoscience. Just a few basic facts, but they take time. And this approach is...

  • The Amazing HIV virus

    by Roedy posted: 10 May 2013 Category: Science 24

    I have had HIV since 1985. Every few years my personal strain of HIV develops an immunity to the drugs that I am taking, and I have to flip to a new cocktail of 3...

  • Is free will an illusion?

    by alistair.scott.71 posted: 06 May 2013 Category: Science 218

    For this topic I came up with the following thought experiment: Imagine we were able to clone the early universe, an absolutely perfect clone, right down to the exact position of all its particles...

  • The Possible Evolution of the DNA Molecule

    by LightSeeker posted: 03 May 2013 Category: Science 6

    My understanding is that all living things on earth contain the DNA molecule. As Dr. Dawkins has so eloquently revealed over the course of his studies, one can trace the evolution of...

  • The Contest: Creation and Evolution

    by Stephen of Wimbledon posted: 30 Apr 2013 Category: Science 60

    I was intrigued by Joseph Mastropaolo's suggested contest, which he charaterizes as a way of "improving the quality of arguments between creationists and evolutionists".  His characterization, of course, immediately begins to set out the agenda...

  • Master thesis: Popular Science in Social Media

    by larstee posted: 24 Apr 2013 Category: Science 10

    Hello everybody, My name is Lars and I’m a student at the University of Darmstadt in Germany. I’m currently preparing myself for my forthcoming Master thesis with the potential working title “Popular Science...

  • Debate stumped

    by GilliReason posted: 22 Apr 2013 Category: Science 43

    Hello fellow reasoners. I was hoping you could help chip away at my ignorance. I found myself stumped the other day while having a friendly debate with a religious person about evolution. They were clearly...

  • promoting science

    by siwel.trebor@bighpond.com posted: 18 Apr 2013 Category: Science 35

    I just saw the RD representative on our show Planet America here in Australia  I am fighting mad.  I do not believe in religion but would never stop anyone from having a personal belief in god.  This does...

  • Natural Selection in one generation

    by lukesinq posted: 13 Apr 2013 Category: Science 19

    Is it possible for a mutation in a species to create a veeeery small advantage in just one generation?  For instance a mutation that makes a bird's beak slightly more curved in an advantages way, or maybe a...

  • What if it was a game?

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 10 Apr 2013 Category: Science 16

    I would like to introduce a little thought experiment we can have some interesting discussions about. Hopefully some fun too.Imagine that life was a game, and the goal was to leave as big a 'genetic...

  • Direct observations of evolution

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 02 Apr 2013 Category: Science 46

    I was wondering if, besides the Lenski Experiments and the island lizards in the South Adriatic Sea, you guys knew some more instances where evolution has been directly observed. Either by experiment or by 'accident'. It's...

  • The big brain

    by sylwin1 posted: 30 Mar 2013 Category: Science 64

    I have always been bothered by the same question.Given that life has existed on this planet for 3.8 billion years (give or take a day or two) then why did evolution take nearly all that time...

  • i've got questions =/

    by kangsj_ posted: 29 Mar 2013 Category: Science 31

    So it'ts kind of embrassed to ask..well first of all i'm korean and im studtying in america and im freshmen at lutheran high school at this moment. I came here 6 month ago ( my...

  • Unchanged organisms

    by aydin posted: 26 Mar 2013 Category: Science 34

    Hello,It's a bit embarrassing but I was asked the following question and wasn't able to give a satisfactory answer;"Fossil record shows that certain animals that we see today have not changed for hundreds of millions...

  • Need some advice on evolution argument

    by Possum-Pie posted: 26 Mar 2013 Category: Science 31

    Hi, I am currently working on my next book, and need a very simple explanation to give Creationists as to why we don't see neanderthals and Homo Erectus walking around today.   I grasp the...

  • Talk Origins Archive

    by Sebastian878 posted: 21 Mar 2013 Category: Science 3

    I love the TalkOrigins Archive but is there another site that is similar but with more current information and updates.  The Archive doesn't seem like its being updated anymore.  In fact not for some time.

  • Evolutionary Biology and Horror Films?

    by Jogre posted: 12 Mar 2013 Category: Science 36

    Hello all! As a recently awakened former preacher I was mindlessly watching late night programming, reading some scientific literature, when multiple commercials endorsing some new horror films flicked across the screen. As I watched, I couldn't help but...