• Science and Morality - Conflict?

    by utopia posted: 09 Mar 2013 Category: Science 87

    I've seen many arguments now where people are disagreeing about the nature or morality and right vs. wrong. Some say morality is: subjective (depends on the person, purely a cultural thing, based on preference, etc.) objective...

  • Starting simple and building up complexity over time

    by Axulus posted: 23 Feb 2013 Category: Science 44

    I have often heard Richard say that the universe had a simple beginning, and that starting simple and building up to something more complex over time is a far simpler explaination than positing that something complicated...

  • macro evolution??

    by Manjunath K posted: 22 Feb 2013 Category: Science 30

    I have people arguing with me about evolution based on this linkhttp://www.seekingtruth.co.uk/evolution.htm reasoning with religious people is so tough, they agree with micro evolution but not macro, but i cant find enough information or a website...

  • practically valid?

    by sbijapure posted: 21 Feb 2013 Category: Science 33

    To begin with, can you create a simple replicator in a simple chemical soup of your choice?Can it be done in laboratory? You may not have the atmospheric conditions of the earth billions of years...

  • Books to relearn everything about everything

    by Jogre posted: 17 Feb 2013 Category: Science 66

    Hello everyone! I am an ex-preacher recently 'converted' to atheism. That means I know nothing about everything. I want to change that. I am frustratingly inept in the most fundamental scientific areas.  I am the end...

  • Lesson Plan help

    by crookedshoes posted: 15 Feb 2013 Category: Science 17

    I offered extra credit on a test today.  I asked the students to draw me a fish to earn a couple extra points on our first honors test of the year.  The kids responded with...

  • Advice on Animal Behaviour book

    by Gil Henriques posted: 13 Feb 2013 Category: Science 5

    Hello,I realise that this might be a bit too narrow in scope to spark an interesting decision, but I find myself in need of some advice. I am graduating on Evolutionary and Developmental Biology and,...

  • Troubling search engine results

    by TSM posted: 07 Feb 2013 Category: Science 34

    This topic may end up straddling to Education and Pseudoscience.As a matter of curiosity, I wanted to do a little research into the phenomena of chimpanzee DNA vs. Human DNA and the possibility of genetic...

  • Cheat Sheets of the Brain, and Evolution's Guessing Game

    by Zeuglodon posted: 02 Feb 2013 Category: Science 23

    At present, I find most persuasive the philosophical notion of monism, which is the notion that the brain's activity is not just correlated with consciousness, but effectively is consciousness. From what I can tell, there's...

  • Questions about Life

    by bob_e_s posted: 01 Feb 2013 Category: Science 14

     Hi all,I'm pretty new to this site, having found it after being given RD's wonderful book 'The Greatest Show on Earth' for Christmas, which opened my eyes further to the wonder of scientific discovery.Last night...

  • Can we choose what we believe?

    by M69att posted: 24 Jan 2013 Category: Science 50

    To the moderators:  I have chosen the category 'science' because I believe it is a question which has been/will be answered by scientific inquiry but you might think it more appropriate to post as Atheism;...

  • The Age of the Earth.

    by JayPii1994 posted: 23 Jan 2013 Category: Science 70

    I came across this website by the name of "Creation.com", which appears to present strong-worded and fairly supported articles. One of them is titled, "The Flood, the Ice Age and the age of the Earth".Throughout it are several...

  • Proud to be human

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 20 Jan 2013 Category: Science 28

    Dear friends, there are plenty of things going on in the world that make me weep for humanity, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. Issues like parents refusing vaccination for their children, YEC,...

  • Homosexuality and science

    by Jc Pierre posted: 09 Jan 2013 Category: Science 54

    Hello everyone,I'm a new user and a admirer of Richard Dawkins for a long time, and I really love this website. Very complete, and very enriching. First of all, I must warn you : I am French,...

  • Are pinnipeds "living transitional" animals?

    by draymunoz posted: 05 Jan 2013 Category: Science 23

    I have a question. Would an animal like a pinniped (seal) be considered a living transitional animal? That is to say an animal that harbors physical traits of two vastly different species, in the seals case...

  • Science Shedding Light on Morality

    by astrum posted: 24 Dec 2012 Category: Science 43

    In WWII, Russian scientists sacrificed themselves so that millions could live. During the siege of Leningrad, September 1941 - January 1944, a seedbank was protected by a group of diligent and selfless scientists. A seedbank contains specimens that may...

  • Rates of species extinction/evolution

    by OskarGonzalez posted: 21 Dec 2012 Category: Science 5

    I have heard of figures that state that X number of species go extinct everyday or year. I can imagine people researching extinction rates with organism on the endangered species list, but I have never...