• Christian Science - the misuse of the word science!

    by scientific_philosopher posted: 31 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 42

    Dear fellow non-theists! I've always been very annoyed by the constant misuse of the word "science", especially when it's in the same sentence with religion. The difference between science and religion is that...

  • Communists & fascists being labelled as Atheists

    by Myrodd posted: 30 Jul 2013 Category: Atheism 61

    I find whenever I am up against the religious who are very outspoken against Atheists, they bring up that these communist countries are Atheists. North Korea, China, when Russia was the USSR etc, and try...

  • A Universe from Nothing: scientific criticism ?

    by Gamall Wednesday Ida posted: 29 Jul 2013 Category: Science 47

    Hello, Are there any reviews out there criticising the scientific content of A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing, by L. Krauss ? To be...

  • Is God necessary for absolute morality?

    by David W posted: 28 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 310

    Christians and other religious people often argue that God is required for absolute morality. The agument usually goes something like this: 1.If there is no God then there is no absolute morality...

  • Educating children

    by PeterMcG posted: 27 Jul 2013 Category: Education 17

    I like to joke I am a devout atheist! I have four children, and they have been brought up in a totally non-religious secular upbringing - to the extent they are totally unaware of God...

  • Tying Atheism into Political Bundles

    by RobertDeanIII posted: 26 Jul 2013 Category: Atheism 53

    I don’t understand the notion that for one to be an atheist they must be associated with a certain political group, namely liberals or what some call the left. It is about as idiotic as...

  • Vegetarianism

    by masterboot posted: 24 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 78

    I raise my 3 year old son as a vegetarian.  Am I then forcing my beliefs upon him just as I would if i raised him as a christian? Many people...

  • Radiometric dating

    by Maba posted: 23 Jul 2013 Category: Science 8

    I have begun to read more about how to determine the age of archeological findings. I think I understand the basic premise of radiometric dating methods but I am not sure if I got some...

  • Superstition Defense

    by benirons posted: 22 Jul 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 28

    I am new to the foundation, so if this has been answered already, please forgive me and direct me to the link that has the answers.  With the internet and now social media being used...

  • I admire Richard Dawkins but...

    by flopster123 posted: 20 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 146

    I want to join this site because I'm a sincere admirer of Richard Dawkins.  His bravery and honesty and his dedication to his beliefs, let alone his scientific distinction and his wonderful writing, make him...

  • Altrusim as a compass for consciousness?

    by Bixelate posted: 19 Jul 2013 Category: Science 35

    Let me start by saying I am not in any way an expert on altrusim or consciousness. However, when I look up online the possibility that we can measure consciousness in animals by their altruistic...

  • Polish Pastafarian movement

    by PastaArtur posted: 18 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 20

    Hello,   I'm creating this discussion to mention the doings of the Pastafarians in Poland and our struggles with the Polish Government for Pastafarianism to get official recognition as...

  • Teaching evolution in school

    by FrankH posted: 17 Jul 2013 Category: Education 43

    To start off this discussion, or perhaps the question, I am a biology teacher in the Netherlands. So my apologies for my English grammar when it ain't correct. By the way, I put this discussion...

  • I need a little help understanding Evolution

    by Eliot posted: 17 Jul 2013 Category: Science 49

    If our brains evolved somewhere on the African savanna then they should be compatible with the savanna.  But we see that Newton, almost single-handedly, created Calculus just to explain the movements of the planets and...

  • The Power of Deconstruction

    by QuestioningKat posted: 11 Jul 2013 Category: Education 43

    I have come to the conclusion that we will never rid society of incorrect perceptions and magical thinking until the average person knows how to deconstruct/analyze a situation in order to find the source of...

  • Humanism (Is it a religion?)

    by Confucian Witcher posted: 10 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 47

    Hi, My name is Roger and I would like to discuss something peculiar that happened at the beginning of my 2nd semester at the public highschool. In geography the teacher was discussing...

  • Wanting to embrace atheism yet sceptical.

    by RobertDeanIII posted: 08 Jul 2013 Category: Atheism 84

     I'm sceptical of atheism, even in light of probability. More importantly, I'm concerned atheism makes an assumption, much like religion, that god certainly does not exist. Keep in mind that I maintain this view in light that I have only...

  • Number of chromosomes and evolution

    by typingcat posted: 08 Jul 2013 Category: Science 14

    I happened to read an article on a Christian news web site. It was about some Korean professors gathering together to discuss gay problems. One professor objected the government's decision to illegalize discriminations to gays....