• Evolution & cancer.

    by Dsquared posted: 03 Jul 2013 Category: Science 32

    Let me start off by saying that I am an engineer – not a scientist or biologist.  This short article is obviously intended to pose a question rather than be an academic paper; however, I...

  • Religion and kids

    by BizarreLondoner posted: 02 Jul 2013 Category: Atheism 46

    My wife and I are both atheist but don't want to impose atheism on our two kids (3 and 5) as a dogma. We want to offer them the opportunity, that I personally didn't have,...

  • Number 1 personal reason for conviction

    by Roedy posted: 01 Jul 2013 Category: Religion 131

    I asked myself what in the main reason I do not believe in god? What is the reason that personally convinces me most? I think it is this: There are 10,000 gods, all equally absurd,...

  • How to pick up where I left off?

    by Bixelate posted: 29 Jun 2013 Category: Education 37

    I am 28 years old, I can not afford to go to classes so my only option at this point is the internet and books as far as learning goes. With that said, here is...

  • Priorities and the Environment

    by Spraguelle posted: 27 Jun 2013 Category: Science 23

    There is a larger question I have regarding the mission of this site - that is; what exactly can we do in our communities to affect change, in peaceful and reasonable ways? (perhaps a...

  • Alternative Medicine Literature?

    by Albert_asm posted: 26 Jun 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 19

    Hello to all! Im constantly fighting against alternative medicines (homeopathy, bach flowers, acupunture) but other than "Enemies of reason" i need to do more reading.  Can you help me...

  • Genetically Modified Food - Is it good or bad

    by harpreet posted: 26 Jun 2013 Category: Science 27

    Hi All, I am from India and activism against GM foods has been steadily growing here. Organizations like Greenpeace etc are also militantly campaigning against GM crops. But no one is exactly...

  • Help me understand this!

    by ElBeto posted: 23 Jun 2013 Category: Science 31

    I've heard this question asked about evolution a few times, I don't know the answer, and I've come to RDF for an answer to it. When we talk about Everyone knows that...

  • Beginnings of a police state in the USA?

    by Jay G posted: 20 Jun 2013 Category: Politics 106

    I did not think I would live to see the day when I, as a citizen of the United States, would be concerned that there is a real possibility of my country becoming a fascist-style...

  • Excommunication with the Catholic Church?

    by Sam1989 posted: 19 Jun 2013 Category: Atheism 72

    I was baptised, therefore I am still officially a part of the catholic church statistics. From what I have read it seems near enough impossible to actually become officially excommunicated, I put emphasis on the...

  • Religion and Mental Health

    by jpo2709 posted: 18 Jun 2013 Category: Religion 30

    Do not know if anyone has had any similar experience, but something that happened to me regarding religion might need more disscussion or investigation. It centres on my experience when i was...

  • Reproduction? Help me understand!

    by ElBeto posted: 17 Jun 2013 Category: Science 28

    How is it that the first living organism had offspring? Wouldn't one expect, under undirected circumstances, that the first living organism that came into being accidently would eventually just die without having the foresight to reproduce? 

  • Annoying statement from my mother in law

    by JanErikT posted: 16 Jun 2013 Category: Atheism 42

    Every time I am saying something a bit negative about religion or even just commenting on something religious, my mother in law (who is an agnostic, or at least she says so) says that "When...

  • AA and a higher power

    by jacqui40 posted: 15 Jun 2013 Category: Religion 73

    I wonder if i could ask for some guidance / discussion regarding AA ( alcoholics anonymous). I have been a member of this fellowship for 9 years now and have battled with alcohol addiction for...

  • Evolution

    by dinc12964 posted: 14 Jun 2013 Category: Science 256

    I shared (on Facebook) the post from RDFRS that said "Evolution is just a theory? Well, so is gravity and I don't see jumping out of buildings"  I received plenty of comments but was stumped by this one:...

  • Altruistic bees

    by Roedy posted: 13 Jun 2013 Category: Science 13

    One one of the first discoveries about bees in the time of the ancient Greeks was that on any one flight, they confined themself to one particular species of plant. This is highly convenient for...

  • Mitochondrial Eve

    by missbutton posted: 08 Jun 2013 Category: Science 25

    Could an evolutionary biologist out there settle an argument for me? The other party in this dispute says that Mitochondrial Eve keeps changing because of 'broken lines'.  My position is that everyone alive today has...