• I am an Atheist with background of Hindu Religion.

    by prabinsharma.timilsina posted: 08 Jun 2013 Category: Religion 15

    There are very few number of Atheist here in Nepal. Its only 51 people counted till date with refrence to atheistcensus.com. Well , i am proud of myself because i believe in myself rather then so...

  • sci/fi question with hopefully sci answers

    by poseyjt posted: 05 Jun 2013 Category: Science 25

    I was thinking the other day about science fiction/science and our future as a human species.  Already so much is possible if we just put our faith in God, :p jk had to throw that...

  • is DNA a code?

    by cynic252 posted: 04 Jun 2013 Category: Science 37

    I have been having a running debate with a friend about whether DNA is a code...I believe it isnt but I cont convince of the idea and wondered whether I am wrong.

  • Compartmentalization and Double Lives

    by InYourFaceNewYorker posted: 04 Jun 2013 Category: Science 8

    By now I'm sure almost everyone has heard about the three women in Ohio who were missing for about ten years and then found alive in the house of a guy named Ariel Castro. Details...

  • Suggestions for books on mathematics?

    by UncertaintyBlog posted: 01 Jun 2013 Category: Education 23

    Does anyone have any recommendations for good introductory mathematics books? I'm trying to find something analogous to Richard Feynman's famous lectures on physics, but for math. Haven't thought much about it since high school, but would...

  • Addressing door-to-door evangelism

    by Jason Stripling posted: 29 May 2013 Category: Religion 62

    Does anyone know if there is a resource that could help me when challenging the door-to-door missionaries? It would be extremely helpful to be able to go and pull a folder with a print out of the...

  • Genetically modified food

    by Kristine Sackett posted: 27 May 2013 Category: Science 45

    This is something I have become increasingly concerned about and I was wondering where I could find some solid sience on the subject.

  • New Athiest

    by kiwichick posted: 25 May 2013 Category: Religion 95

    Hi All I am an Ex-Mormon, Over the past few months I have been feeling quite depressed. A few weeks ago I gave in my resignation to leave the Mormon Church, who...

  • Abiogenesis , multiple times?

    by degeus posted: 23 May 2013 Category: Science 24

    Hi there, Somebody asked me why Abiogenesis happened only once. My response was that it may very well have happened multiple times but that the Earth's atmosphere transitioned from...

  • Consciousness and Life

    by Cairsley posted: 22 May 2013 Category: Science 76

    Having read Consciousness Explained by Daniel C. Dennett, I am very grateful to the author of this excellent book for setting out what amounts to a promising basis for furthering the understanding of consciousness, which...

  • Atheist Teen

    by Aubriel_J posted: 20 May 2013 Category: Religion 62

    My name is Abby and I'm an atheist. I happen to live in a very small, very religious town where I am somewhat notorious for my views. My family and I have been horribly harassed...

  • Raising Atheist Children

    by direred posted: 19 May 2013 Category: Atheism 51

    Fellow atheist parents, Do you or how do you speak about religion or lack thereof around your children? Do you encourage atheism directly in your household or do you encourage the little...

  • Definition of pseudoscience

    by ieva posted: 19 May 2013 Category: Science 30

    Could somebody suggest a definition of pseudoscience? Because, for example, it should not be difficult to explain why homeopathy is a pseudoscience. Just a few basic facts, but they take time. And this approach is...

  • Atheist in Politics

    by varunvarmaj posted: 16 May 2013 Category: Atheism 36

    I have lived in the US for a couple of years before returning back to my country India. While in US I was really suprised to see that none of the leading politicians are atheist...

  • Is every type of religion bad?

    by sirious posted: 16 May 2013 Category: Religion 106

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new here. I apologize in advance for my lack of grammar (I'm Swedish...) I have a question for you, that I would be very glad if you could help me with....

  • Historical fact vs Faith Reasoning

    by karatematt posted: 10 May 2013 Category: Religion 141

    Presupposing the historical veracity of the Christ figure as a teacher, a religious leader, an iconoclast, and (most importantly) a human man, what evidence acutally exists for assuming the supernatural miracles ascribed to this one man based...

  • The Amazing HIV virus

    by Roedy posted: 10 May 2013 Category: Science 24

    I have had HIV since 1985. Every few years my personal strain of HIV develops an immunity to the drugs that I am taking, and I have to flip to a new cocktail of 3...

  • Is free will an illusion?

    by alistair.scott.71 posted: 06 May 2013 Category: Science 218

    For this topic I came up with the following thought experiment: Imagine we were able to clone the early universe, an absolutely perfect clone, right down to the exact position of all its particles...