• Godspeed to your godless shoes

    by nongorilla1 posted: 17 Apr 2013 Category: Atheism 12

    I tripped over a funny story about an online-shoeshop in Germany whose deliveries to US customers takes much longer with their label on the box than without it. The name of the label...

  • Enemies of Reason: Now deeply ingrained in our education.

    by C. Xander posted: 16 Apr 2013 Category: Education 29

    In the last several decades, it's no secret that the post-modernists have reduced the education system into a drivel of pointless coursework — logical assessment has been replaced with an emphasis on feelings over facts, promoting...

  • Need examples of Modern Evolution in H. sapiens

    by evolvettu posted: 14 Apr 2013 Category: Education 38

    Good afternoon all, I am writing a paper on the modern evolution taking place in humans to address the questions by most creationists; "If humans evolved, why arent they still evolving?" As...

  • Religious scripture in classrooms

    by Powell_Daniel posted: 13 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 23

    Hi Everyone. I am a recent atheist, and at school we are basically forced to do religious scripture once a fortnight. I recognise that Atheism is not a religion, but the only...

  • Natural Selection in one generation

    by lukesinq posted: 13 Apr 2013 Category: Science 19

    Is it possible for a mutation in a species to create a veeeery small advantage in just one generation?  For instance a mutation that makes a bird's beak slightly more curved in an advantages way, or maybe a...

  • "Faith and Medicine"

    by askquestions posted: 12 Apr 2013 Category: Atheism 24

    I was quite surprised at this neurosurgeon's statement: "There are no atheists at the cancer center." http://ktla.com/2013/03/26/dr-rahul-jandial-faith-and-medicine-6/#axzz2OgYSDJ00 I generally like his programme but this time I was disappointed to see an agreement about...

  • Religion, culture and dirty looks.

    by flutePlayer3 posted: 11 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 32

    I am in the early stages of applying to be a foster carer. At an initial meeting with our assessor amongst all the things that were discussed, I was asked if I...

  • evolution theory for young children (4-10yrs)

    by gabriel! posted: 11 Apr 2013 Category: Education 17

    Does anyone have recommendations for books introducing evolution theory to young children, aged 4-10? Obviously, I am perfectly willing to read to them, and explain the pictures in the book. There are many books telling bible...

  • Conspiracy Road Trip: Creationism (new TV show/series)

    by itraining posted: 11 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 13

    There is a great new TV series titled "Conspiracy Road Trip". Comedian Andrew Maxwell presents his serious side as he takes 5 British "believers" on a road trip top confront their beliefs. The Conspiracy Road...

  • Is it worth it?

    by bob_e_s posted: 10 Apr 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 23

    On the recommendation of another RDN user, I signed up for the Introduction to Astrobiology course on Coursera, run by Edinburgh University. While it attracted a lot of like-minded people either with...

  • What if it was a game?

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 10 Apr 2013 Category: Science 16

    I would like to introduce a little thought experiment we can have some interesting discussions about. Hopefully some fun too.Imagine that life was a game, and the goal was to leave as big a 'genetic...

  • Sean Faircloth Inspires in New Zealand

    by Paul Bennett posted: 10 Apr 2013 Category: Politics 4

    Not sure if this will qualify as an actual topic for discussion, but I just wanted to say a big thankyou to the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, who helped fundd Sean Faircloth...

  • Book Recommendations?

    by nblizzard posted: 09 Apr 2013 Category: Education 30

    Growing up Christian (and then turning to Mormonism), my parents always completely rejected (and still do) Evolution in any way, shape or form. Although I was always quite spiritual etc, in the back of my mind...

  • A.A. is not treatment.

    by simplyMark posted: 09 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 18

    My first post. I'm a recovering alcoholic & drug addict. 20 years of my life spent getting wasted. I've been to rehab 3 times & in group therapy I spent most of my time arguing...

  • Regarding 'Atheist Churches set to go Global'

    by Wolfham posted: 09 Apr 2013 Category: Atheism 25

    Hi All, I am very concerned about some articles I have been reading recently regarding Atheist Churches. There seems to be a movement in the UK to unite atheists and free thinkers...

  • Fundamentalist Christians discrediting science

    by Nash33 posted: 08 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 23

    I was raised in a fundamentalist Christian church. In the 1940s when I was a teenager, I remember the preacher from time to time would make statements discrediting scientists. Two examples I still remember are:...

  • How does one prove reason?

    by tjmapa posted: 08 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 46

    In order to figure out anything, we need reason. Where did reason come from though? How can we prove the existence of reason? It seems we cannot prove reason with reason, which is circular...

  • Gratitude

    by Jay G posted: 07 Apr 2013 Category: Atheism 36

    Hello: Religious teachings include inculcating a sense of gratitude towards the "Creator".  Priests/Rabbis tell people that they ought to be grateful to God for the gift of life and this beautiful universe...

  • Your Film Reviews, Life of Pi

    by Stephen of Wimbledon posted: 06 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 19

    Hi, I was recently dragged to a screening of the film Life of Pi (in 3D).   In an early scene the main character says he...