• Direct observations of evolution

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 02 Apr 2013 Category: Science 46

    I was wondering if, besides the Lenski Experiments and the island lizards in the South Adriatic Sea, you guys knew some more instances where evolution has been directly observed. Either by experiment or by 'accident'. It's...

  • Freethinking in Bangladesh

    by atheist.asif posted: 02 Apr 2013 Category: Atheism 16

    Yesterday 3 bloggers of Bangla blog community have been arrested for not believing in any organized religion and for criticizing of the religious fundamentalism, religious institutions and religious Dogmas. Few days back, 84 freethinker bloggers...

  • Ishtar Vs. Easter

    by EnigmaticSkeptic posted: 01 Apr 2013 Category: Religion 22

    Hello everyone! In light of today's misunderstood and pointless holiday (Easter), I was curious to see how many of us involved on these discussion boards came across this whole Ishtar Vs. Easter...

  • Justifying fear

    by more_confusion posted: 31 Mar 2013 Category: Atheism 22

    Hi everyone, Right now I'm sitting in my living room with my two month old son. Other than my son, who's currently napping, i'm alone. I have the baby monitor on, and keep hearing the occasional bang from upstairs...

  • The big brain

    by sylwin1 posted: 30 Mar 2013 Category: Science 64

    I have always been bothered by the same question.Given that life has existed on this planet for 3.8 billion years (give or take a day or two) then why did evolution take nearly all that time...

  • i've got questions =/

    by kangsj_ posted: 29 Mar 2013 Category: Science 31

    So it'ts kind of embrassed to ask..well first of all i'm korean and im studtying in america and im freshmen at lutheran high school at this moment. I came here 6 month ago ( my...

  • Religion and sex

    by kbala posted: 28 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 19

    Hallo zusammen, I have always wondered why religions demonize sex and often depict women as subordinates. Any one who has visited ancient temples in India would have come across...

  • The trick on Ontological Argument

    by baaltzebub posted: 28 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 37

    Hi, guys !English is not my native language. I never made a class on this language. Thus, i know that this text is poor in grammar and vocabulary. I don't know if it is relevant...

  • Unchanged organisms

    by aydin posted: 26 Mar 2013 Category: Science 34

    Hello,It's a bit embarrassing but I was asked the following question and wasn't able to give a satisfactory answer;"Fossil record shows that certain animals that we see today have not changed for hundreds of millions...

  • Need some advice on evolution argument

    by Possum-Pie posted: 26 Mar 2013 Category: Science 31

    Hi, I am currently working on my next book, and need a very simple explanation to give Creationists as to why we don't see neanderthals and Homo Erectus walking around today.   I grasp the...

  • Time to speak up.

    by Andy Mcquillan posted: 25 Mar 2013 Category: Atheism 69

    On visiting a house with the potential to buy, i asked the owner what the residents next door were like "Oh their christians and they do alot for charity"the estate agent knodding "no worries there...

  • New trends in teaching biology in Russia

    by Hank Baunt posted: 24 Mar 2013 Category: Education 17

    Well, I would take the liberty of raising the question how to react to the trends we are seeing here in Russia. Teaching biology is only one of the points worth mentioning. Just recently a...

  • Are Political Affiliations Useful?

    by Coffee Addict 83 posted: 24 Mar 2013 Category: Politics 16

    For those of us who claim the label of Atheist (or Antitheist) we only have one thing necessarily in common. We reject the existence of a deity as having insufficient evidence (and in the case...

  • What evidence would be enough?

    by Chipmunk posted: 22 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 308

    Before I start, I would like to say that I think that most of what Dr. Dawkins thinks about religion makes very good sense. I understand and agree with the idea of not believing in what there...

  • Is this Gods Plan?

    by Tacomakid posted: 22 Mar 2013 Category: Atheism 30

    As I take a look at the world around me I can't help but notice all of the horrible suffering taking place on our planet. Theists claim that God has a plan for us all....

  • Talk Origins Archive

    by Sebastian878 posted: 21 Mar 2013 Category: Science 3

    I love the TalkOrigins Archive but is there another site that is similar but with more current information and updates.  The Archive doesn't seem like its being updated anymore.  In fact not for some time.

  • Americans: The world can't go on without them

    by kcjones10 posted: 18 Mar 2013 Category: Politics 33

    I now live in the 49th state.  I think it may be akin to living in the primordial stew.  Seriously, though, I have been thinking about the fall of civilizations.  Rebecca Costa's "Watchman's Rattle" has been a bit of a wake-up for me.  What does anybody else have to say?

  • The greatest hoax on earth ?

    by Nathan Henderson posted: 18 Mar 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 50

    Recently, I have been rather obliged to read the book 'The Greatest Hoax On Earth, refuting Dawkins on evolution' by a friend, because I made him read the original Dawkins book, and I have written a 20 page...

  • Either you're with us, or you're with the Evil ones

    by The Buachaill posted: 16 Mar 2013 Category: Religion 90

    No this isn't a discussion about George Bush and his McCarthyesque attempts to frame anyone who disagreed with him as a terrorist.Rather this is a disappointing, and yet hardly unsurprising, look at the divisive and...