• What to make of ''state atheism'' ??

    by Albanist posted: 11 Feb 2013 Category: Politics 51

    Hello fellow atheistI am a 17 year old Student and English is my second foreign language so sorry for any errorsAlbania(Europe,Western Balkans) the country i come from was during Stalinist times the only...

  • Agnostic, atheist, anti-theist, who's right?

    by juwakali posted: 10 Feb 2013 Category: Atheism 80

    It took me an embarrassingly long time to come to grips with the fact that religion has no truth to it. For some time after that I was OK with being labeled a catholic even...

  • Homeless Atheist

    by bumphilosopher posted: 08 Feb 2013 Category: Religion 67

    As a homeless atheist, the Christian Shelters and Kitchens barred and banned me after objecting to hour long sermons in order to receive a meal or bed. There really is no help other than the...

  • Troubling search engine results

    by TSM posted: 07 Feb 2013 Category: Science 34

    This topic may end up straddling to Education and Pseudoscience.As a matter of curiosity, I wanted to do a little research into the phenomena of chimpanzee DNA vs. Human DNA and the possibility of genetic...

  • Cheat Sheets of the Brain, and Evolution's Guessing Game

    by Zeuglodon posted: 02 Feb 2013 Category: Science 23

    At present, I find most persuasive the philosophical notion of monism, which is the notion that the brain's activity is not just correlated with consciousness, but effectively is consciousness. From what I can tell, there's...

  • Questions about Life

    by bob_e_s posted: 01 Feb 2013 Category: Science 14

     Hi all,I'm pretty new to this site, having found it after being given RD's wonderful book 'The Greatest Show on Earth' for Christmas, which opened my eyes further to the wonder of scientific discovery.Last night...

  • Jesus and Mo Checks

    by Julianne posted: 01 Feb 2013 Category: Atheism 23

    I wanted atheist checks, so I got permission from the Author of Jesus and Mo to have some printed with the bottom halves of 4 strips. After much go-around with artisticchecks.com,...

  • On childhood beliefs

    by nathanlh posted: 30 Jan 2013 Category: Education 45

    I have been distraught by a deep moral issue lately. There is no way I will ever teach, or let my children follow religion. But I commonly relate religion and santa clause. I have been...

  • Women suffer from Gandhi's legacy

    by kbala posted: 29 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 21

    Few have been quoting Gandhi & his views recently. I would like to shed some light on Gandhi's view on women. Mohandas Gandhi held India back when it came to women's rights – and...

  • Alone in New York

    by GPWC posted: 28 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 21

    I have been in contact with a 16 year old (let’s call her Y) who is a member of the ultra orthodox and insular Jewish community “The Chassidim”. She is appealing for...

  • Activities, Ceremonies and Gatherings

    by sandeepn81 posted: 27 Jan 2013 Category: Atheism 19

    It is my observation that a large number of people are affiliated to various religions for the primary reason of the sense of community, gathering and ceremonies they get by going to churches, mosques and temples.We...

  • Can we choose what we believe?

    by M69att posted: 24 Jan 2013 Category: Science 50

    To the moderators:  I have chosen the category 'science' because I believe it is a question which has been/will be answered by scientific inquiry but you might think it more appropriate to post as Atheism;...

  • The Age of the Earth.

    by JayPii1994 posted: 23 Jan 2013 Category: Science 70

    I came across this website by the name of "Creation.com", which appears to present strong-worded and fairly supported articles. One of them is titled, "The Flood, the Ice Age and the age of the Earth".Throughout it are several...

  • Clearing some doubts about religion

    by siladityaaich posted: 22 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 45

    Hey,i'm an atheist from India. While having a discussion with my muslim friend on religion,he told me that the qurran talks about the big bang theory and things about embryology and that the qurran even talks...

  • Proud to be human

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 20 Jan 2013 Category: Science 28

    Dear friends, there are plenty of things going on in the world that make me weep for humanity, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. Issues like parents refusing vaccination for their children, YEC,...

  • Understanding Free Will

    by tardisride posted: 19 Jan 2013 Category: Atheism 177

    As a fairly recent de-convert, I am trying to wrap my head around the concept of free will versus no free will and would like to appeal to the wisdom of the RDF...