• Clearing some doubts about religion

    by siladityaaich posted: 22 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 45

    Hey,i'm an atheist from India. While having a discussion with my muslim friend on religion,he told me that the qurran talks about the big bang theory and things about embryology and that the qurran even talks...

  • Proud to be human

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 20 Jan 2013 Category: Science 28

    Dear friends, there are plenty of things going on in the world that make me weep for humanity, and I'm sure many of you feel the same. Issues like parents refusing vaccination for their children, YEC,...

  • Understanding Free Will

    by tardisride posted: 19 Jan 2013 Category: Atheism 177

    As a fairly recent de-convert, I am trying to wrap my head around the concept of free will versus no free will and would like to appeal to the wisdom of the RDF...

  • Have you ever "doubted" your atheism?

    by Boomerang Nebula posted: 18 Jan 2013 Category: Atheism 76

    Hi.I know this question is strange since atheism is all about doubt, but have you ever wondered if you were wrong?  Particularly if you come from a religious background, do you have any residual religious...

  • Looking for Graphic Presentation

    by Astinscience posted: 17 Jan 2013 Category: Education 15

    Hey everyone,I'm an 8th grade science teacher. We will be coming up in a couple of months in my curriculum on geologic time and evolution. I have been looking for some sort of a graphic...

  • End time stories

    by mikenlynn posted: 12 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 11

    I was wondering what other world religions, besides Christianity, has an end-time narrative?  It doesn't have to be apocalyptic. It can be anything that is a course of events which culminates in the world as...

  • How to make the UK a secular state

    by RobertCallan316 posted: 11 Jan 2013 Category: Politics 27

    There's not many things that I can say that I'm not proud of being a British citizen. This country has done me well as a 19 year old athiest, but the one thing that deeply saddens me...

  • Conservative Laestadianism

    by Halla posted: 10 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 41

    Hi everyone.First off, I want to apoligize for my relatively weak english.I'm a 17-year-old female high school student in Finland. When it comes to religion, I'd say that out of all the young finnish people...

  • Global Free Higher Education

    by Shawn Warren posted: 10 Jan 2013 Category: Education 23

    It is possible to have free higher education (with many other improvements in the civic enterprise).  We do not have to suffer under the current system of institutions (universities/colleges), governments (federal/state or province) and unions...

  • Homosexuality and science

    by Jc Pierre posted: 09 Jan 2013 Category: Science 54

    Hello everyone,I'm a new user and a admirer of Richard Dawkins for a long time, and I really love this website. Very complete, and very enriching. First of all, I must warn you : I am French,...

  • Pro evolutionary Islam

    by TheRationalizer posted: 08 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 36

    Many of you may already be familiar with Usama Hasan, a UK Imam who received quite a negative response for suggesting to a Muslim audience that humans share a common ancestor with modern apes.Seemingly undeterred...

  • Are pinnipeds "living transitional" animals?

    by draymunoz posted: 05 Jan 2013 Category: Science 23

    I have a question. Would an animal like a pinniped (seal) be considered a living transitional animal? That is to say an animal that harbors physical traits of two vastly different species, in the seals case...

  • Atheism, Divorce, and Choices

    by Jogre posted: 01 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 11

    I shall endeavour as much as possible to keep this topic on point, avoiding all unnecessarily heavy descriptions that seem to ask you to be 'free psychologists' (although I am fairly certain that some among here...

  • Deconversion and Family

    by tardisride posted: 31 Dec 2012 Category: Religion 41

    Just this year a personally sad event caused me to acknowledge my absolute rejection of the fundamental Christianity of my parents, and to seek understanding and knowledge partly through forums like these. In the last eight months...