• Well Being is not Enough

    by Red Dog posted: 13 Mar 2014 Category: Science 229

    In The Moral Landscape Sam Harris proposes that the study of ethics is a legitimate field for scientific inquiry.  He argues that human well-being is the only metric required for making moral choices.  I will...

  • Irreducible Complexity

    by Roedy posted: 13 Mar 2014 Category: Science 22

    I spend a considerable proportion of my days debating creationists, debunking bogus irreducible complexity claims.  However, I came up with one on my own that stumps me.  How did the dragonfly wing...

  • Faith is like love

    by pedro posted: 12 Mar 2014 Category: Atheism 64

    Dear fellows from the enlightened world, Last week I was talking about religiosity with a friend of mine. He's an intelligent, educated person, and yet, a typical catholic. After some come-and-go on...

  • God's Psychological Profile

    by David R Allen posted: 12 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 19

    I've often wondered what a group of psychologists would make of god if they were presented with a list of behaviours described in the bible, but were not told who the person they were profiling...

  • It's Time for an Atheist Lead Character on TV

    by David R Allen posted: 12 Mar 2014 Category: Atheism 12

    Are there any America TV Producers reading this blog. It's time. It's time for a SitCom with an atheist lead character. The rest of the cast is detailed above in Obama's speech. ...

  • Sabbath mode ?

    by mmurray posted: 12 Mar 2014 Category: Religion 28

    I just bought my second refrigerator.  The first one lasted 28 years. I think they forgot the redundancy. The new one has something called Sabbath Mode.  Someone on the internet suggested that means it plays...

  • When Demons Are Real

    by Kwaku Asante posted: 19 Feb 2014 Category: Religion 16

    Witchcraft superstition has become a major problem in many African countries especially Ghana where witchcraft superstition and persecution is so high. The availability of witch camps in the country  reflects the seriousness of the problem...

  • Legality of human cloning

    by DiscoDad posted: 15 Feb 2014 Category: Science 30

    I was reading on New Scientist about the ethics of cloning in light of the possible breakthrough in creating totipotent stem cells. There are of course laws and international treaties against reproductive cloning of humans,...

  • Why the altruism?

    by fshamas5 posted: 12 Feb 2014 Category: Atheism 74

    I am seriously concerned about one question that doesn't seem to fit into the theory of evolution. If we ascertain evolutionary process as "survival of the fittest" what room does it leave for explanation of...

  • The moral issue on religion

    by VitorFrota posted: 11 Feb 2014 Category: Religion 29

    Hello, Friends. First I like to apologize for any misspelling, I'm from Brazil, a portuguese speaking country, although I speak english as well. Just not so well.   Well,...

  • Einstein and Prayer

    by N31 posted: 05 Feb 2014 Category: Atheism 85

    Today I noticed some of my Christian friends posting about Einstein's apparent belief in prayer and an ultimate supernatural force based on a letter he wrote to a child when asked whether scientists pray.  ...

  • Science channels, If they show it, It must be true

    by Maxi-pad posted: 01 Feb 2014 Category: Education 121

    I have been having a very interesting (by interesting meaning mostly ridiculous) conversation with a coworker who believes in the bible literally and that the universe is 6,000 years old. We can get pass the "don't...