• Atheism, Divorce, and Choices

    by Jogre posted: 01 Jan 2013 Category: Religion 11

    I shall endeavour as much as possible to keep this topic on point, avoiding all unnecessarily heavy descriptions that seem to ask you to be 'free psychologists' (although I am fairly certain that some among here...

  • Deconversion and Family

    by tardisride posted: 31 Dec 2012 Category: Religion 41

    Just this year a personally sad event caused me to acknowledge my absolute rejection of the fundamental Christianity of my parents, and to seek understanding and knowledge partly through forums like these. In the last eight months...

  • Are live debates worthwhile?

    by TyroneAByrne posted: 30 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 33

    Hi, my name is Tyrone Byrne. I am making this to try and spur discussion of what I believe is a big issue in the way in which the arguments for atheism are presented to...

  • Grieving as an Atheist

    by Kimberly Danner posted: 27 Dec 2012 Category: Religion 27

    Death, Funerals, Church, and Loss by Suicide.Experiencing the whole process of loss and death is quite different as an Atheist. The obvious difference is we do not believe in an "afterlife" whether it be good...

  • Are there Atheists and Agnostics "Communities"?

    by truthreality posted: 26 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 22

    Many of the discussions here have highlighted a shared sense of being isolated, ostracized or feeling uncomfortable living in communities among the highly religious. Which leads to a question that I have often pondered: Where would I (or any free thinking...

  • Oxfam unwrapped

    by jasonmannell posted: 26 Dec 2012 Category: Religion 13

    I was wondering if Oxfam is a good charity to donate to. I am not sure of their affiliations to religious organisations. I have read some negative comments about their "Oxfam unwrapped" program ( http://www.spiked-online.com/index.php?/site/article/4180/ ). Do...

  • Science Shedding Light on Morality

    by astrum posted: 24 Dec 2012 Category: Science 43

    In WWII, Russian scientists sacrificed themselves so that millions could live. During the siege of Leningrad, September 1941 - January 1944, a seedbank was protected by a group of diligent and selfless scientists. A seedbank contains specimens that may...

  • Role of Religion as a Social Institution

    by sparkytwobillion posted: 22 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 34

    I've been thinking quite a while about how to phrase my question. The unfortunate events in Sandy Hook Connecticut allowed my question to solidify. During a news cast on the event a reporter was speaking with...

  • Rates of species extinction/evolution

    by OskarGonzalez posted: 21 Dec 2012 Category: Science 5

    I have heard of figures that state that X number of species go extinct everyday or year. I can imagine people researching extinction rates with organism on the endangered species list, but I have never...

  • Where do you find your patience?

    by kbala posted: 21 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 34

    Hello all,I am amazed at the level of patience that Prof Dawkins or Daniel Dennett or Sam Harris have when dealing with superstition & ignorance. I live in England and I...

  • Would you admit you are an atheist??

    by voiceofarabi posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Religion 110

    Majority of people on this website seems to be well informed and pioneering, which drove me to ask a question thats burning inside of me...   here goes.If you lived in a country were rejecting your...

  • Would you admit you are an atheist?

    by voiceofarabi posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Religion 2

    The majority of people on this website seem to be well informed and pioneering, which drove me to ask a question thats burning inside me. Here goes.If you lived in a country where rejecting your...

  • Click. Sign. Help.

    by Sjoerd Westenborg posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Politics 9

    Dear fellow atheists/agnostics and anyone else with a rational outlook on freedom,If you're reading this, you're already passing time on the web. So why not make it a little more productive?I've collected a few petitions...

  • One Stop Shop

    by brayton.l posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Education 46

    I wonder if anyone has given any thought to developing a course to educate people to the world of realism and atheism. What I am thinking of would be a step by step "course", designed...

  • Ostracisation and wishing I was born a sheep!

    by EnthusiasticAtheist posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Atheism 11

    I posted in an earlier thread about an experience I had as a child (sorry I don't know yet how to refer to a thread) where my brother and cousin and myself were removed from...

  • In Russia the law breaks YOU

    by MAXdotRU posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Politics 7

    I, myself, am Russian, but had lived abroad for most of my youth, now its been 3 years since i've come back and it turns out memes dont lie - its a circus over here. Recently,...

  • Discussing Evolution in the Middle East

    by nirmal rajah posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Education 5

    Hey everyoneI'm from India and recently moved to Dubai for work. I've majored in Biological sciences and back in India I was assisting geologists in their excavation projects, from those trips I happened to learn some geology, paleontology etc,...

  • Christopher Hitchens in Arabic?

    by mulligan posted: 06 Dec 2012 Category: Education 5

    Hey, I have an unusual request: does anyone know of any texts by Christopher Hitchens that have been translated into Arabic?I ask cos I know an Arab fan of Hitch - she has seen him on...

  • Primate Pride March

    by eduardo blasina posted: 19 Nov 2012 Category: Politics 15

    Just to inform you that next Saturday in Montevideo, Uruguay, we will be marching to celebrate our condition as primates. The day has been chosen to remember both the pubilcation of the Origin Of Species...