• Tom Holland live with Q&A

    by TheRationalizer posted: 12 Nov 2012 Category: Religion 3

    Tom Holland is the author of In the shadow of the sword and producer  of the recent Channel 4 documentary Islam - The untold story.Tom will be a guest panelist on The Jinn And Tonic...

  • 'Gates Notes' Talking about Secular Education

    by R.Webb posted: 12 Nov 2012 Category: Education 3

    I just noticed that 'Big History' that teaches everything from the Big Bang to evolution to modern day is being brought into high schools through a Bill Gates funded project. Looks pretty good. Hope it...

  • Help with reading material?

    by cypherchaos posted: 12 Nov 2012 Category: Education 3

    If there was one magazine on Science/Evolution/Physics or all of the mentioned that is a must read, what would you choose? I'm not just talking about paper, internet sources are great too.I've been reading so...

  • Religion as child abuse

    by FredSki posted: 12 Nov 2012 Category: Religion 25

    I live in the Netherlands and many many years ago I had a coworker who was deeply religious. I used to have long discussions with him about religion. One day I told him children should be...

  • Why I celebrate John Frum Day

    by This Is Not A Meme posted: 06 Nov 2012 Category: Atheism 10

    Every February 15th, the villagers of Tanna gather to summon John Frum by forming marching lines and hoisting an American flag.John Frum Day is a cargo-cult ritual, an anthropological anomaly born of culture clash between...

  • Be a host on a Athiest TV/Radio Program

    by Radio Paul posted: 06 Nov 2012 Category: Atheism 6

    I have a radio show in northern VA at Radio Fairfax (Radio Paul's Radio Rants)  I am looking to start a second show that will follow in the footsteps of the...

  • The argument that brought me out of my faith

    by stewman_phil posted: 31 Oct 2012 Category: Religion 60

    Hello, My ultimate objective here is to obtain constructive criticism and likely religious counter arguments to the argument that brought me out of my Christian faith. The following paragraph gives a bit of my history. If one wishes,...

  • Cell renewal

    by Lizzie1 posted: 31 Oct 2012 Category: Science 13

    Watching new series with pleasure. The point in the programme where cell renewal was discussed , esp the memory of a memory of a memory left me wondering. I know that some memories get distorted as...

  • Referendum 74

    by Statler N Waldorf posted: 31 Oct 2012 Category: Politics 22

    I live in the United States, in the State of Washington. We vote entirely by mail, and voting began last week. The results of this election will not be known to us until after the...

  • Please join our campaign for a 21st Century Remembrance

    by Chris.H posted: 31 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 27

    Hi, I'm the General Secretary of the UK Armed Forces Humanist Associations (UKAFHA).There are a growing number of serving and ex-serving men and women who are sick of the religious choke-hold grip on our Remembrance ceremonies....

  • Democracy or Meritocracy: Which is the Government of Reason?

    by Zeuglodon posted: 31 Oct 2012 Category: Politics 19

    Introduction: Democracy and MeritocracyOne of the breakthroughs of political history was the invention and implementation of democracy in the West.  Its virtue was that it could take absolute power away from despots, tyrants, autocrats, and...

  • Difficulties believers have with science

    by Machinehead posted: 24 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 141

    Hi  I'm new to the site and would like to offer the following thought about why some people have difficulty accepting science over religion – davetiye although someone's bound to have already...

  • Day of Action for Malala Yousafzai

    by Dr Bob posted: 24 Oct 2012 Category: Education 5

    Please check out this BBC article, written by former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, about the Day of Action planned for Malala Yousafzai and the other 32 million girls in the world who are denied...

  • Corrupted knowledge

    by Raymond Sutcliffe posted: 24 Oct 2012 Category: Science 25

    Science is often thought of as the search for truth via experimental analysis, but if or when this "truth" eventually reaches the man on the street, it often bears little or no resemblance to its original form.  Can anything...

  • Anti-science at a non-faith school (UK)

    by BioDaveO posted: 19 Oct 2012 Category: Education 106

    I teach Science at a secondary comprehensive school in the UK. As part of my teacher training, I previously had to teach at a Roman Catholic School. Having to teach evolution as 'just' a theory and the slant on...

  • OUST Rep. Paul Broun from the House Science Committee

    by Crush Endo posted: 19 Oct 2012 Category: Politics 7

    Here is the story: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/10/08/broun_petition_science_bible/Here is the petition: https://www.change.org/petitions/house-science-committee-remove-rep-paul-brounPlease share and get this petition signed! This lunatic can not be allowed to influence government policy on science or anything else for that matter.

  • GMOs

    by jamesgareth posted: 15 Oct 2012 Category: Science 105

    Hi there all,A close friend of mine recently said that GMO food is dangerous and cited the following research about this:GMO researchMy question is - what's the scientific consensus here? - in the US some...

  • How tolerant do we have to be?

    by jenog posted: 09 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 63

    Walking through the town centre this Saturday I encountered a woman equipped with a microphone telling the whole street how God and Jesus had helped her cope with her mother's lung cancer.  Her explanations were...

  • Atheism in India

    by harpreet posted: 05 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 35

    India is widely considered as the most spiritual country in the world. It is the birth place of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism which when put together contribute more than 20% of world population. Its also...

  • The Historical Jesus

    by ger posted: 05 Oct 2012 Category: Religion 155

    Just wondered if any confirmed atheists out there have read Bart Erhman's new book on the existence of the historical Jesus?  If so, does the possibility of such a historical character advance and/or make a difference to the...

  • Any South Central PA Users?

    by TheAverageAthei posted: 05 Oct 2012 Category: Atheism 1

    I'm looking for other like minded individuals in or near Hanover, PA.  I know there are groups in york and Harrisburg, but looking for something closer.  If there are other users nearby, but no group,...