• Horse evolution visualized

    by JonPerry posted: 02 Dec 2013 Category: Education 11

    This animated gif shows the evolution of the horse. The images I used to create this come from wikipedia: Horse fossils. I'd love to make more of these if anyone knows of...

  • "To Heaven and Back"

    by RickM posted: 01 Dec 2013 Category: Religion 20

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper will be airing a special on Sunday (12/1) at 7 PM Eastern by the title of "To Heaven and Back".  I saw a short part of a promo and apparently this program...

  • Atheism: would you die for it

    by Malaidas posted: 29 Nov 2013 Category: Atheism 88

    Given the strange but consistent view towards martredom amongst theists, against the rational sense of self preservation, this seems to me that there is something interesting in the human psyche that bears some further investigation....

  • Make believe Science on TV

    by Richard H posted: 28 Nov 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 31

    My son thinks Mermaids (actually fill in the blank with Nessie, Big Foot and/or Aliens) are real.  Television is not doing me any favors as far as teaching critical thinking and zoology.  While a branch...

  • Religion and natural selection

    by TomRoberts posted: 24 Nov 2013 Category: Religion 86

    Religion and natural selection On Radio 4's Start the Week I really enjoyed listening to Richard Dawkins, Lisa Randall and Rabbi Jonathan Sachs discuss their views on life, the universe and everything,...

  • Atheist Fiction - What is available?

    by Martyns posted: 23 Nov 2013 Category: Atheism 34

    I really need to find some good, positive atheist fiction. Any genre really, but fantasy would be the most useful to me, like Phillip Pullman's 'The Dark Trilogy' or any fantasy that is critical of...

  • Educational Systems Should be Changed

    by Salman posted: 22 Nov 2013 Category: Education 59

    Before I begin writing my Discussion, I'd like to point out that English is not my first language and I'm also new to the Richard Dawkins foundation community. This is my very first post. Greetings everyone. My...

  • Do you think chiropractic treatment is quackery?

    by matt1162 posted: 22 Nov 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 46

    I've read many people sharing their ideas that chiropractic care is quackery. I am a former competition weightlifter and have been to a chiropractor many times with mixed results. Usually the chiropractor's assistant would come...

  • Why Haven't Humans Speciated?

    by godzillatemple posted: 21 Nov 2013 Category: Science 72

    All right, I have finished reading "The Greatest Show on Earth" and "Climbing Mount Impossible".  Next on my reading list is "The Blind Watchmaker", after which I hope to finally tackle "The Selfish Gene" (and...

  • Why religion thrived where science failed.

    by 80science80 posted: 20 Nov 2013 Category: Religion 50

    The reason religion is so popular relates to our need to survive. Humans have a pack mentality. We believe there's safety in numbers. That's how we've evolved. Religion caters to our sense of  belonging, science...

  • Teaching Children to Be Atheists or Critical Thinkers?

    by godzillatemple posted: 18 Nov 2013 Category: Atheism 118

    I recently started reading "Parenting Beyond Belief" (edited by Dale McGowan, but containing numerous essays from a wide variety of people, including Richard Dawkins).  The general consensus seems to be that parents should not actually...

  • What the Doctors Don't Tell You

    by Martyns posted: 17 Nov 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 23

    Okay, a bit of background. My mum, is religiously a believer in all things alternative, you name anything that you shouldn't believe in and she believes in it. She describes her faith as a blend...

  • Extinction or Evolution?

    by KrustyG posted: 16 Nov 2013 Category: Science 26

    I apologize if this seems naive, but I was asked a question that appears to me to be kinda deep, but might just turn out to be a detail about terminology. I...

  • A God in Sheep's Clothing: Theistic Evolutionism

    by worldagain posted: 15 Nov 2013 Category: Religion 64

    Dealing with persons who identify themselves as theistic evolutionists, "TEs", (i.e., fully accept Darwinian evolution and belief in a monotheistic god) can be tricky.  They denounce creationists and ID'ers, but yet still somehow accept faith and...

  • Young Atheists

    by GeorgeSmith posted: 14 Nov 2013 Category: Atheism 34

    How might one retort to criticisms of atheism due to age? For example many of my family members put my atheism down to rebellion rather than reason and independent research. However I cannot speed up...

  • Nothing = Energy?

    by Jigger posted: 10 Nov 2013 Category: Science 56

    Just watched a lecture by L. Krauss on 'A Universe From Nothing'. In the lecture he claims that all the math that defines the universe can be reduced to zero. Maybe I heard it wrong...