• Homology supported by genetics?

    by kaloskm posted: 12 Oct 2013 Category: Science 26

    I except evolution but i like to get my facts straight.  I got in to a discussion with a creationist a few days ago about homology being explainable by common ancestory. I was...

  • Unconsciousness

    by jsnmf posted: 11 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 46

    Recently I underwent surgery and was deeply sedated for more than an hour. Before going under, I resolved to try to experience the black void that the superstitious are always worrying about in the afterlife...

  • Atheistic tolerance to religion in general.

    by aroundtown posted: 09 Oct 2013 Category: Religion 84

    We had a spirited discussion here at RDFRS recently regarding Jesus on another post.  The post was about a young girl in Texas and her opinions on a part of Jesus (via quip board) and...

  • Changing Times...for Animals?

    by PlasticTitan posted: 08 Oct 2013 Category: Science 12

    I have noticed that thought history (in books and life exp) that what people see as attractive changes.  It could be physical, cultural, and even psychological.  My question is; do these types of changes happen...

  • need defense from religious fundamentalists

    by wakey72 posted: 07 Oct 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 35

    Hi there...I was just hoping someone can help me.  My brother has a bit of a brain injury and can be easily influenced, and unfortunately some religious fundamentalists are trying to influence him.  Recently he...

  • How many medical doctors believe in evolution?

    by debpratik posted: 06 Oct 2013 Category: Education 48

    As a medical doctor myself I have observed that most of my colleagues are theists and do not believe in evolution. I don't mind their being theist since all of them hold rather a refined...

  • Who Was Your First Ancestor to Have an "Afterlife"?

    by Quine posted: 04 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 79

    Lately, I have taken to asking my religious friends and family this question: "Who was your first ancestor to have some kind of supernatural life after death (often received as asking about Heaven and Hell)?"...

  • Science and religion get us no closer to the truth.

    by Tash posted: 03 Oct 2013 Category: Science 67

    Science, the study of the physical and natural world will one day in the future help mankind know down to the smallest particle, everything in our vast universe. We will be able to create, destroy, manipulate and...

  • Norway's School

    by Nikobil posted: 02 Oct 2013 Category: Politics 26

    Hello, and greetings from Norway! As some of you may know, Norway had its primary election just a few weeks ago. It was the conservative side that won, and yesterday, the two...

  • Learned helplessness

    by oleg.gayevsky posted: 01 Oct 2013 Category: Atheism 47

    Hello from Ukraine!=) Sorry for my English, google translate is to blame for 80% of my mistakes in the sentences =DDD Sorry if someone has already discussed this, but still. Perhaps someone thinks...

  • Religion without Deity or Dogma

    by MacFR posted: 29 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 143

    When I read comments about "atheists" disproving God I am always surprised that I never see any alternative solutions being offered.  I feel that someone trying to disprove the existence of a theist’s deity is as likely...

  • Existence confounds me

    by RobertDeanIII posted: 27 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 77

    In the God Delusion RD briefly brings up the idea of multiverse or oscillating universe while spending more time explaining away the idea of a first mover with improbability. You may recall: life is improbable but god then would be...

  • Blasphemy Day 2013

    by QuestioningKat posted: 26 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 62

    Blasphemy Day is September 30, 2013. Give it your best shot!

  • Logic ( Does it exist outisde of human thought? )

    by Confucian Witcher posted: 25 Sep 2013 Category: Education 56

    This is an interesting question that I thought of when I was reading my philosophy textbook on truth. The chapter dealt with answering whether truth is a concept that exists outside of human thought or...

  • Altruism/ egoism

    by Sarah M posted: 25 Sep 2013 Category: Science 30

    Last night I attended an event at the Lyceum in Edinburgh, during which Richard Dawkins and Aubrey Manning discussed Dawkins' memoir, An Appetite for Wonder. As part of a more general discussion about determinism in animal...

  • Atheism and afterlife

    by mamad89 posted: 24 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 80

    I can llive without god. I can live without prophets. I can live without religion.but there is one thing I can not live without it and that is belief in just world. There are many...

  • Biblical Prophecy

    by shortpolock posted: 22 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 171

    What is the atheist's answer to Prophecies in the Bible being fulfilled? Does this indicate that God exists?  For example, Isaiah (Ch's 52, 53) predicted the crucifixion of Jesus several hundred years before it was...

  • The nature of miraculous claims....

    by achromat666 posted: 21 Sep 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 97

    I'm finding the more people come to the site and make defend miraculous claims a pretty common thread arises: Either... 1. The claim itself has no corroborating evidence. ...

  • Help sought.

    by siwel.trebor@bighpond.com posted: 20 Sep 2013 Category: Science 63

    I have received some good advice from here before.  now I would appreciate it if anyone can help me annswer this message I received.  Obviously the time span required is greater than a human life...

  • Atheism turning into a Religion?

    by Maxi-pad posted: 19 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 76

    Hello everybody, my name is Maximo and as a fellow Atheist, there is something that bothers me almost as much as Religion. The Atheist movement.  As I watch videos, read articles and keep up...

  • Dolphin Snake Oil

    by SoundGuyLuke posted: 18 Sep 2013 Category: Pseudoscience 11

    In June, I was delighted to read an article posted here about the language of prairie dogs, and how researchers are decoding their yelps and calls through contextual data. I was enthralled. As a fan...