• A refute to morality from God

    by scottcgold posted: 17 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 35

    Watching various debates between atheists and the religious I have noticed, as I am sure many others have, that the question of morality always wants to rear it’s head...

  • The Central Paradox of Evolution

    by godzillatemple posted: 16 Sep 2013 Category: Science 220

    I'll preface this as usual by stating that I am an atheist with a strong acceptance of the scientific method, and this is in no way an attempt to "disprove" the theory of evolution.  I...

  • Is religion an evolved trait

    by david.mayntz posted: 13 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 46

    Hi, I have a question that I would love to hear some comments on. In the british tv documentary, Secrets of the superbrands 1, a brain scientist suggests that: “the technology megabrands have harnessed a...

  • Is there more than one DNA family tree?

    by MIchael posted: 12 Sep 2013 Category: Science 18

    Do we know if there is more than one DNA family tree? Did life only ever start once in one place and all other life eventually evolved from that life or did...

  • Sciencific chapbooks-- a proposal

    by titania posted: 11 Sep 2013 Category: Education 4

    Consider the tracts often distributed by religious groups. They have been extrodinarily successfull in their aims. Then, if that is the case, could it not be possibe to disseminate simple pieces of  scientific education, as...

  • Secular Parenting and the Problem of Indoctrination

    by danarel posted: 10 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 51

    The fear of teaching ones children to be atheist is a fear known by many atheist parents. Most believe atheism is a place you should find on your own; critical thinking, knowledge, logic and other...

  • How would music have evolved if there were no religion?

    by thebear250 posted: 09 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 53

    For the sake of argument, let us talk about primarily Western music.  I am operating under the assumption that everyone knows what I am refferring to when I say Western music.  From music of antiquity (ancient...

  • I can't learn Evolution in Science class!!

    by iAtheism posted: 08 Sep 2013 Category: Science 85

    So I started my senior Biology class the other day and I was really excited to start learning Evolution because that's what I want to get my PhD in. Well at the beginning of class...

  • Australian PM vs Christian Radio DJ

    by Timothy McNamara posted: 07 Sep 2013 Category: Politics 41

    Live on Q&A, the ABC TV political and social forum tonight, Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd appeared to face Tony Jones and the live audience as well as viewer 'Tweets'. He did so alone, as the...

  • No Exodus - no Judeo-Christian faiths?

    by godisnotgreat posted: 05 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 51

    One of the fundamental myths of Judaism - and therefore of Christian and Muslim faiths - is the exodus story. Unlike other myths (e.g. Jesus), this one can (and was) tested: hundred of thousands of people are...

  • Harris and Free Will

    by Red Dog posted: 04 Sep 2013 Category: Science 69

    I finally had a chance to read Sam Harris’s book on Free Will and to my surprise I agreed with most of it. This opening paragraph summarizes his view:   ...

  • Evolution for Children

    by Eric Wojciechowski posted: 03 Sep 2013 Category: Education 21

    A couple weeks ago, my five-year-old daughter asked to hear the story of the big rock that fell out of the sky. And when I told her that sixty-five-million-years-ago, it came crashing down into the...

  • Atheism and Music

    by Jogre posted: 02 Sep 2013 Category: Atheism 79

    Hello all! Ex-fundie preacher here with a very simple discussion: the impact of music. I have been 'illuminated' for about a year, just left the pastorate 6 months ago, and have only started now listening...

  • Religion is wrong. So what?

    by imp posted: 01 Sep 2013 Category: Religion 31

    English is not my native language, so have mercy about grammatical issues. However my friends says my language is nice, you should so if you are a friend. My religious concepts felt...

  • Religion and Politics

    by john.wb posted: 31 Aug 2013 Category: Politics 38

    Although my political views are on the left of the political spectrum I often read websites from the far right; and, in the US, this means the Tea Party (most of whom consider me a...

  • What's the story with the Delk tracks?

    by Dugman posted: 30 Aug 2013 Category: Science 12

    In discussion with Creationists and through internet hunting I was made aware of Delk tracks - human/dinosaur tracks overlapping (ie showing coexistence). On YouTube there is a CT Scan demonstration that to a layman like...

  • Origins of religious belief systems.

    by capetownian posted: 28 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 33

    I am sure that most, if not all the members of this site have experienced how it is virtually impossible to argue with friends and family when ot comes to "belief" and "faith" in the...

  • atheism in australia

    by globes posted: 27 Aug 2013 Category: Atheism 12

    I'm from Melbourne Victoria and i'm curious as too how i can be more productive in secularism, charity, education. All things relative to improving my country for everyone. Any advice will go along way :)

  • Vegetarianism and Animal Cruelty

    by Maxi-pad posted: 26 Aug 2013 Category: Education 133

    I was born in Argentina were the cuisine is mostly based on meat. Although I am a Omnivore, I strongly disagree with animal cruelty. I don't see this being contradictory, but was wondering if anyone here can...