• Origins of religious belief systems.

    by capetownian posted: 28 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 33

    I am sure that most, if not all the members of this site have experienced how it is virtually impossible to argue with friends and family when ot comes to "belief" and "faith" in the...

  • atheism in australia

    by globes posted: 27 Aug 2013 Category: Atheism 12

    I'm from Melbourne Victoria and i'm curious as too how i can be more productive in secularism, charity, education. All things relative to improving my country for everyone. Any advice will go along way :)

  • Vegetarianism and Animal Cruelty

    by Maxi-pad posted: 26 Aug 2013 Category: Education 133

    I was born in Argentina were the cuisine is mostly based on meat. Although I am a Omnivore, I strongly disagree with animal cruelty. I don't see this being contradictory, but was wondering if anyone here can...

  • "Puzzles" for evolutionists-- DNA and proteins

    by titania posted: 25 Aug 2013 Category: Science 24

    As I was stumling around the internet the other day, I found this little piece : 13 Which came first, proteins or DNA (Revelation 4:11)? For evolutionists, the chicken or egg dilemma...

  • Is religion really universal among humans

    by BenCarollo posted: 24 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 48

             Reading through Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion". I cant help but notice that he buys into the anthropological myth that religion is somehow universal. I would like to bring that...

  • Video about Evolution – for children?

    by PhilippDettmer posted: 22 Aug 2013 Category: Education 15

    Hi there. I'm working on free scientific videos for young people and am looking for qualified feedback. As my bachelors thesis in information design I made a video explaining...

  • Does science equal truth?

    by jonaswl posted: 21 Aug 2013 Category: Science 306

    I am very new to this discussion forum and do not know if this topic has been discussed. If it turns out that it has been, then I apologize. Not too long...

  • Lying for Jesus, Redux

    by Quine posted: 20 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 107

    Earlier this year, the video blogger, Potholer54, put up this video dedicated to one of the 'tubes biggest pushers of lies for Jesus, the Banana Man, Ray Comfort: Ray has...

  • Friends

    by Stefan Depuydt posted: 19 Aug 2013 Category: Atheism 41

    First of all, forgive me, I am not very smart and my english is bad since it is not my first language. The fourth I think before Dutch, french and German. I am...

  • How do i tell my family I'm an atheist?

    by YouCantFly posted: 19 Aug 2013 Category: Atheism 22

    Hi, im Tom and I'm a 16 yr old "Roman Catholic". I've been a middle-of-the-road catholic for a while, being very interested in science. I'm happy to go to a public school because like i...

  • Gathering for Free Thinkers

    by SAS2006 posted: 19 Aug 2013 Category: Education 12

    Due to how those who believe in religion have a place to gather, listen to a speaker, partake in friendly activities on Sundays and other days, it has come to my mind to start up...

  • Organizing for Secular Understanding - Worthwhile?

    by utopia posted: 14 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 29

    While absorbing knowledge and furthering one's personal understanding of the universe is laudible, has anyone ideas about how we are going to increase public understanding of the nature of reality? Politics is...

  • Separation of Church and Hospitals

    by nycdave posted: 10 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 80

    There is much debate and activity in the issue of the separation of church and state but why not the separation of church and hospitals? As I type this discussion I am sitting in...

  • Body-Mind relationship

    by Severin B-D posted: 07 Aug 2013 Category: Science 48

    Hello,I am pretty new to this forum, and to any forum in general. I am studying medicine in Europe, and have been following the work of prof. Dawkins for a little while. I am very...

  • Miracle Healing - It has reached my family too!

    by scientific_philosopher posted: 06 Aug 2013 Category: Religion 31

    Dear students and friends of the scientific secular thought! I consider myself privileged to have been raised by my grandparents. Unlike many of my friends grandparents they were not religious and especially...

  • Barney Frank Comes Out Of The Atheist Closet!

    by 8theist posted: 04 Aug 2013 Category: Atheism 16

    It really says something that Barney Frank came out of the gay closet long before the atheist closet. I think it speaks volumes about where atheists are in "the pecking order" in the US. Now...