• Pseudo-science in UK libraries

    by mccuepaul1 posted: 16 Jan 2014 Category: Education 89

    My wife is a Librarian and we are currently arguing over who has the duty of care (if one exists) over keeping books on Homeopathy or Dianetics in our public or school libraries. My view...

  • Coincidence or divine intervention?

    by Post-Amerika posted: 14 Jan 2014 Category: Atheism 80

    One of the more fascinating arguments that I encounter when explaining why I believe there is no god is one that requires a bit of wonder about the reasoning of people who believe in this. If I...

  • Can Science Explain Everything? (And do we want that?)

    by Art&Ideas posted: 12 Jan 2014 Category: Science 71

    We're seeing these days massive progress in science - boosted by technological progress - from neuroscience to the search for the ultimate particle (Higgs Boson). So, I was wondering from a sort of philosophical point...

  • How Bad Philosophy ruined the World

    by realthinktank posted: 12 Jan 2014 Category: Education 58

    There is only one set of morals that all humans should live by, and that set of morals can be decided upon by humans.  If that statement made you pause or cringe, it is because...

  • Is religion the cause or the symptom?

    by Zenken posted: 09 Jan 2014 Category: Atheism 57

    As an atheist, I am constantly appalled by the religious systems that keep their followers in the dark, denying reason and facts, and creating horrors in the name of some god.  Recently a friend of...

  • The Golden Ratio

    by nsf834 posted: 09 Jan 2014 Category: Religion 25

    I was talking to a coworker today about the lack of evidence supporting god. He than said something about what is called "The Golden Ratio." I couldn't really say much because I have never heard of...

  • Grand Unifying Analogy/Quote of Evolution

    by Catfish posted: 08 Jan 2014 Category: Science 58

      Personally find it difficult to find a spot in my mind for Evolution. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly believe in evolution but it is the randomness (ie. we would not...

  • What is Possible? Fiction, Gods, and the Philosophy of Science

    by Zeuglodon posted: 07 Jan 2014 Category: Science 15

    It is said by Jerry Coyne, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, and others that science versus religion is an offshoot of the broader conflict between reason and superstition, but maybe reason and superstition are themselves offshoots of...

  • Can buddhism and science work together?

    by CrisTanzi posted: 06 Jan 2014 Category: Religion 141

    I've been a buddhist for 12 years ( sgi-uk  Buddhist) and though not an intellectual at all, I've started to think that like other form of religions the chanting ( we chant nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo)  which makes me...

  • Living without God for a Year

    by QuestioningKat posted: 04 Jan 2014 Category: Atheism 106

    I've recently read how former pastor, Ryan J. Bell, has decided to "Live for a Year Without God." This brought back memories from my former Church's 2006 (maybe 2007) Christmas Volunteer Luncheon when my minister...

  • African Americans and Religion

    by plaidandpolkadots posted: 04 Jan 2014 Category: Atheism 80

    So here goes...I know black atheists exist because I see them on on-line forums. However I do not know any in real life. Perhaps they are just not vocal about it. Perhaps I should take...

  • The Perplexity of the Cosmos

    by ScienceIsTruth01 posted: 03 Jan 2014 Category: Science 17

    There are many theories to the origin of the universe. The most commonly accepted theory is the Big Bang. The Hot Big Bang was started at a singularity at a point in space-time that...

  • Quebec Charter Of Values

    by Qcm@rk posted: 02 Jan 2014 Category: Politics 79

    I just wanted to know if you guys have heard of what we are trying to accomplish in Quebec (Canada). This controvertial Charter of Values would ban visible religious items such as burka, crucifix in school,etc...

  • Do believers act more morally?

    by catphil posted: 01 Jan 2014 Category: Religion 94

    One recurrent theme in the debate between atheists and believers is whether deists/religious people tend have better morals or ethics than non-believers.  “Arguments” from one side include Steven Weinberg’s famous “for good people to do...

  • What can I say to accomodationist atheists?

    by 78rpm posted: 31 Dec 2013 Category: Atheism 121

    Certainly not a matter of not coming out. But they won't speak up. I have two friends, a couple of the most intelligent people I know, both of whom are de facto as atheist as I...

  • Applying scientific methodology to history

    by stevens posted: 30 Dec 2013 Category: Science 20

    A Brief Introduction: Hello everyone, this is my first post on these boards despite my deep and extensive interest in secular and scientific triumph over the widespread religious nonsense that has plagued...

  • Water

    by ColinH posted: 28 Dec 2013 Category: Politics 38

    I'm feeling a bit contemplative this morning. While I was washing the wine glasses left over from the family Christmas I reflected on the amount of clean water I was using just to clear...

  • Why do I have a Christmas tree?

    by Ken Nardone posted: 28 Dec 2013 Category: Religion 14

    To me, this tree represents the Tree of Life. I look at each branch and subsequent branch as a distinct species, illustrating clear traces back to their respective common ancestors. The pines on the branches...

  • How to discuss Religion in Germany?

    by Joe Wolsing posted: 27 Dec 2013 Category: Atheism 18

    I would like to put the following to discussion: As a German citizen I do not suffer religious oppression or indoctrination as people in the US or in some of the Islamic...

  • How much should we pay for religious activities?

    by ieva posted: 26 Dec 2013 Category: Politics 12

    We have place of mass pilgrimages in Latvia. It is Aglona and every year on August 15 huge number of pilgrims gather there. The problem is: who should pay for maintaining cleanliness and order, and...

  • Did other "human" equivalent species ever exist?

    by luivis7 posted: 24 Dec 2013 Category: Science 30

    While reading chapter 3 "Accumulating Small Change" of "The Blind Watchmaker" I came accross how different species around the world can evolve into similar traits. For example, the African and South American wekaly electric fish,...