Event Details

Ian Harris: Live From The Apocalypse

Barnsdall Gallery Theater
4800 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles , CA 90027 , United States

Ian Harris: Live from the Apocalypse is a passion filled, cutting edge dissection of modern society's commonly held belief systems. On December 21, 2012, the date of the much hyped Mayan Apocalypse, Ian Harris' latest comedy special  will go live from the Barnsdall Gallery Theater in Hollywood, CA. Ian's rationalistic world view drives this cleverly crafted comedy hour that forces the audience to challenge their own deeply held personal beliefs. Or as he puts it, “We all believe ridiculous things and for the most part it's because we have never really thought about them critically and challenged our own sources.”  The show will cover such topics as Religion, Ghosts, The Paranormal, Commonly Held Irrational Beliefs, Comforting Notions, Alternative Medicine, The Idea of Offensive, Racism and of course The End of the World. While many comics may have touch on these topics at some point, Ian Harris: Live From The Apocalypse aims to skewer them with skeptical razor-like precision... Occam's Razor.

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Fri Dec 21 at 08:00PM to 10:00PM PDT (GMT -0700)