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Sean Faircloth: Reclaiming a Secular Australia!

University of Western Australia
Perth , Australia

In Western Australia, Sean will be at the University of Western Australia on Tuesday 2 April, discussing the meaning of secularism, lessons from the US and what a genuinely secular Australia might look like.  Issues such as government funding of chaplains, special religious instruction, marriage equality and end-of-life decision-making are all part of this agenda.  Check website for time

For more background info

  • Watch Sean talk about his book "Attack of the Theocrats" here.
  • Check out AC Grayling's website here.
  • Visit Pru Goward's website here. And read her views on the power of the churches opposing equal marriagehere.
  • Watch Fr Frank Brennan discuss the Royal Commission into Child Abuse here; his views about mandatory reporting here; and an associated petition here.
  • Join the "Sean Faircloth in Australia and New Zealand" Facebook Group for more background discussion leading up to the Tour.

All Day: Tue Apr 02