Event Details

Australian Skeptics 2012 Convention

SPOT Theatre, University of Melbourne,
198 Berkeley Street
Carlton , VIC 3053 , Australia

Thursday 20-Nov-2012  ->> 2-Dec-2012 


The convention organisers extend a warm invitation to Skeptics, critical thinkers, free thinkers, or anyone who has ever doubted anything that they’ve ever seen or read, to gather in Melbourne with like minded people for the convention.


A national and international star studded array of presenters include James “The Amazing” Randi, DJ Grothe (President of the James Randi Foundation), Brian Thompson (Outreach Coordinator of JREF), Rebecca Watson (SGU blogger), Lawrence “Unbelievable” Leung (as seen on TV!), Dr. Rachael Dunlop, Richard Saunders, Lynne Kelly, Dr. Krissy Wilson, Dr. Ken Harvey (Choice Magazine Consumer of the Year Award), Adam vanLangenberg, Dr Cameron Martin (from Friends of Science in Medicine), Meredith Doig, Stephen Mayne (media commentator and shareholder activist), plus many others.

The Spot Theatre is a great new venue, capable of holding 400 people.

All Day: Fri Nov 30 to Sun Dec 02