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Richard Dawkins' An Appetite for Wonder: The making of a scientist

Bath Autumn Book Festival Event
The Guildhall, High Street
Bath , BA1 5AW , United Kingdom

Richard Dawkins has dedicated his life to communicating the intricacies of genetics and the beauty of the scientific method. Both admired and reviled for his uncompromising approach, he first made his name with his radical new vision of Darwinism inThe Selfish Gene, and achieved wider prominence with The God Delusion. The witty and eloquent first volume of Dawkins’ autobiography, An Appetite for Wonder, promises an insight into the most formative periods of his life – a childhood in colonial Africa, a strict yet eccentric education at a Church of England boarding school, and the unleashing of his intellectual curiosity at Oxford’s Zoology Department.

On the publication of this long-awaited volume, Richard Dawkins will be taking us on a highly personal journey that sheds unprecedented light on the forging of a controversial character.

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Doors open at 7.30pm for 8pm start.

Fri Nov 22 at 07:30PM to 09:30PM BST (GMT +0100)